Tuesday, March 18, 2008

View - Sarikei 1967 Rejang River

Sarikei Rejang River view, 1967.
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Source: 1967 Inter Borneo territory basketball tournament souvenir issue.
Submitted by Ease Chen

A picture tells a thousand words. Though this picture may not be a close up photo, the 4 blocks of shophouses along Wharf Road can be seen clearly. At Bank Road, the only block of shops, the vegetables market and the meat market were already up. On the river front, spot the hawker block at extreme right that sold fruits and even chicken. Also find the extremely tall trees (coconuts?) at the kampung (Malay village) area where the current bus terminal is.

At the wharf area, the busy stretch looks like the portion in front of Wharf Road. Finally, find the telecom tower (next to the old post office) which had a different top compared to the current one.

So you see, even a badly taken old picture is worth publishing. How old were you then?


Daniel Yiek said...

Attached an email from a reader:

From: sandra@xxxxxxx (email address deleted)
To: dyiek@hotmail.com
Subject: Sarikei Time Capsule
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 20:40:41 +0000

Hi Daniel,
I just wanted to say thank you for the above.

It really has been a wonderful journey back to my life in Sarikei. I lived there for only 7 years, not as long as most of your other readers, but long enough for me to have fond memories of it. I left in 1990 for the UK and have since been back many times, but the last time being 1999! Memories fade with time, but your blog has reminded me of my school years and the many friends I left behind.

changyi said...

The Photo reminds me of the first geographical field trip I made with my sixth form classmates in 1968. I am not ashamed to let you find out my age...guestimate.

I would like to thank the Sarikei family that took all of us (with Mr and Mrs Watts) in and gave us a wonderful lunch, in a shop house flat. Mrs. Yip cooked a delectable feast fit for VIPs and was a very gracious hostess. I know that she is still alive and would like to wish her the best of health. She is still living in her shop flat. Thank you again Mrs. Yip. (Mother of Charles YIP)

This incident has later in my life "brought a lot of smiles to people I meet" Oh, that's my aunt! someone dear to me said. And by then I have known her 20 years!!

Another Sarikei friend said, "Yeah!! that's the shop I knew when I was a child!!"

I call this my China-Sarikei Twines. I have immediate cousins in Sarikei too.

Early days' memories are such treasures. You are just wonderful.

Bengbeng said...

wow..congrats on a great blog...and these pics are awesome..i refer to the historical pics

Daniel Yiek said...

This blog is not possible without the great support of those readers who contributed content, photos, comments, etc.

Tuan Lokong said...

Daniel am looking much forward to be in Sarikei on Sunday. Phew that was 3 months ago since I left.

I will keep my eyes open for any articles in the past. see if it helps the blog. Again Sarawak here I come eh eh Malaysia.

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