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View - Sarikei 1974, Repok Road. Part 2

A reader, Evelyn Ting, unearthed a gem from her family album that complemented the picture in the previous post from the opposite direction. I didn't crop the picture's borders as those patterned edges give a sense of nostalgia for those old enough to recall black and white pictures.

Sarikei Repok Road, 1974
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View from Block 4 Left, Repok Road.
Source: Evelyn Ting

Check out the massive festival arch set up between Block 2 & 3 of Repok Road (at the location of the now defunct 1st roundabout). See how people dressed in 1974 and the boxy re-conditioned ("re-cond") cars they droved. Observe the parallel parking which was one car deep in each direction. The swallows hanged loose on those electricity cables at night and they had loose stools as well. I was a victim of their carpet bombing in the evening!

This picture is one of the few available that shows Block 3 Right of Repok Road (counted from Rejang River) before it was burned done circa 1990. Find the decorative nipah palm leaves tied to the shop fronts.

Find a goods trolley in front of No. 18 Repok Road, Yeu Leun 友聯 kopitiam (below Cantonese Association). Can anyone recall the name of the hairdresser salon at No. 20 Repok Road? The shop sign vaguely showed a 月宮 or 月客? Lido 麗都 restaurant at No. 22 Repok Road was air conditioned at the first floor. There's a small tid bit stall owned by a Foochow (?) next to the restaurant.

Sarikei padang, 1973-1978
And the band played on.
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L-R: Back of Repok Road Block 4 & 3 Left.
Source: Evelyn Ting.

There's this undated picture which I suspect to be part of the 1974 celebrations. Any idea? You can see the "Trisakti" Sarawak flag (which lasted 1973-1988). We can further narrow down the year to 1973-1978 because Southern Hotel at 21 Repok Road started its 4-storey renovation in 1979. You can recognise some of the faces in the Boys Brigade band like the girl in specs. I think the boy playing drums at the extreme right is from the shop 新星 at Central Road, next to Cathay cinema.

Do you remember that was a book store called Far East 遠東 at the back of 23 Repok Road that was only in operations for a while (see the name on the wall)? I remember that plant that grew out of the back wall of 25 Repok Road of Block 4 Left Repok Road. You see, that padang (field) used to be my playground and for many others too. That padang was the focal point of Sarikei activities; the soul and lungs of Sarikei.


Daniel Yiek said...

I am working on posts for each of the remaining blocks of Repok Rd that have not been covered. If your family owned/owns a shop in Repok Rd, pls email on

a)Name in Chinese and English of the original shopkeeper and shop.

b) Dialect group

c) stories on your shop and how the original shopkeeper came to Sarikei

lidasar said...

Lido 麗 都 restaurant at No. 22 Repok Road but this was the replacement of a much earlier Foochow restaurant called Man Nan Lou where Ah Kow works in his youth.

You mentioned the boy playing drums at the extreme right is from the shop 新 星 at Central Road, next to Cathay cinema. The boy wife Janet Lee the singer is probably in the same photo as a flutist. Mind you the boy father Mr.Su has a rag to rich story of starting as a coffee boy at No. 9 Repok Rd Kiew Lok Kopitiam 僑 樂 園 茶 室..

Daniel Yiek said...

Does anyone know whether the original Sing Chuong restaurant was at 22 Repok Rd before Lido? This could mean that Sing Chuong came after Man Nan Lou.

lidasar said...

Sing Chuong restaurant started at the 2nd shop block opposite to Rex, the 1st shop was Standard Chartered Bank. I have no collection that it was at 22 Repok Rd.

ease chen said...

I know most of the girls in the Girls' Brigade band: Chen Kui Eng (the one in glasses - my 2nd cousin), Tiong Ai Ping, Wong Leh Eng, Wong Huey Ling, Wong Siew Ling, Lau Ah Mei. I was in the GB too.
Do I know you, Evelyn Ting? If you know me, e-mail me:

Anonymous said...

Hi Daniel,

Refer to your "Sarikei Rejang Hawker Centre" .. you should notice/post, "Jangan Membuang smapah Ke Atas Bumbung". I took a photo sometime back ..

When i was in Sarikei in 1990's, the is a famous ABC Special from the Malay section. I think it is still there ..

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