Friday, April 11, 2008

Scenes - Sarikei Nyelong River Bridge. Part 2

Sarikei Nyelong River Ferry signboard, Mar 2008
Source: Kong Hieng

Some of you may wonder what would happen if you arrive before the last Nyelong River ferry? Sorry, find out the meaning of a long u-turn. The signboard stated the times for 2 ferries: the first ferry operates from 4am to midmight daily while the second ferry operates from 6am to 8pm. I believe this is an old signboard as there's only 1 ferry operating now. Can anyone shed some light on which is correct?

Sarikei Nyelong River Ferry. Mar 2008.Find the crane in distant background.That's where the new bridge will be.
Source: Kong Hieng

From this picture taken on the ferry, you can see the crane used in the bridge construction in the distant background. It's nearer than you thought, right? Does anyone know why that location was chosen? Is it because Nyelong River is narrower around there or is it because the government wants to bring development and residential areas further to the outskirts of town?

Sarikei Nyelong River Bridge, Mar 2008.View from Bintangor side.Nyelong Park area in bakground.
Source: Kong Hieng

As you can see, the bridge is almost connected now. For those with business or relatives in Bintangor, this is a bonus. Are you ready to drive to Bintangor just for its famous rojak (fruit & vegetable salad) and its Bintangor oranges?


Daniel Yiek said...

I hope someone can continue to capture pics of the bridge's progress. For those who missed Part 1 click Bridges label), I have previously added an helipcoter air view of the bridge

Nelson said...

The ferry closes before midnight, unlike what the board stated. Once we reached the other end of the ferry point from Bintangor at 11pm (during a trip back from Sibu) only to find out that the ferry service was closed. So we had to round the cape of Good Hope to reach Sarikei with a pit stop for micturition.

Tuan Lokong said...

Just passed by four days ago. I did not take any pictures as they look vritually no changes from the last I saw it.

Yes supprisingly a busy ferry point yet the authority stopped the other Ferry. Are they making a lost? If not why not keep it up? Rather than minimizing it. This may cause further changes in the Elections count.

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