Wednesday, April 30, 2008

View - Sarikei 1974, Repok Road

29th June 1974 was a big occasion for Sarikei to be the divisional host to celebrate Sarawak Governor's Birthday.

L-R: Sarikei Wharf Road, Repok Road, Bank Road, 1974. 
View from Rejang River. Look mum, no pineapple statue!

Sarikei Terminal 1 circa 2010
View from Rejang River

Firstly, find the two festival arches in the background after Block 1 and Block 2 of Repok Road. There was another one outside St Anthony's school below. Also notice how decorative nipah plam leaves were tied to shop fronts.

Secondly, notice how bad the river bank looked without the Rejang River Esplanade (completed 1990), one of the projects that was pretty well done. If only the authorities can do a similarly good job in conserving the old architecture of Sarikei.

Sarikei St Anthony's School Arch 1974,Sarawak Governor's Birthday Celebration,Source: Anthonian 1974

The downtown clock tower was completed in 1974 for this occasion. You will realise that there was no pineapple statue at the river front yet - whether you love or loathe that icon. It was built in late 1980s (actual year, anyone?)

Sarikei padang parade 1974,Sarawak Governor's Birthday Celebration.
View from Central Road

1974 was also the year that colour photography was introduced into Sarikei. I had my first colour photo (posed on the stage on the padang). Find the stage in the photo above.

There was another celebration in 1982 which I think was the 2nd time Sarikei hosted the Governor's birthday celebration after it had rotated through the 7 divisions (then). I'm not sure whether this extravagant celebration continued after that or what's the reason for such big celebrations. It's not for tourism as it was not marketed as such.

I think this festival morphed into Merdeka (Independence) Day Celebration after that.

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Daniel Yiek said...

Thanks to Mike Yip who sent in the valuable picture of Repok Rd and it inspired the idea for this post. This post is early to compensate for the delay in posting last week and so that you have something to read on Labour Day hols.

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