Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Scenes - Sarikei Rejang Hawker Centre

Sarikei Rejang Hawker Centre 2004

There's this hawker centre behind the Bank Road bus terminal which I shall call the Rejang Hawker Centre. The one with the Merdeka Park in front of it shall be named Merdeka Hawker Centre. Do they have official names, anyone?

Sarikei Rejang Hawker Centre 2005.
First floor; non halal side

The ground floor has small shops at the front and the back is like a small wet market with fresh seafood, salted seafood, vegetables and food stuff stalls. The first floor has two sides of food hawkers - Malay on one side and Chinese on the other side. These hawkers are popular amongst natives and rural folks who come to downtown for a day trip and for a last minute bite before going on the bumpy bus rides. I have never eaten there before. Does anyone know any famous stalls in there that serve great food?

Sarikei Rejang Hawker Centre 2007

The hawker centre was opened on 14th April 1981. This date is key because it helps to identify the year of old aerial pictures of Sarikei. The official opening plaque is riddled with swallows' droppings and it's a wonder that the scrap metal thieves didn't steal this (probably because it's glued to the wall). The scrap metal thieves had stolen the plaque of the clock tower, some road signs (eg: Jalan Masjid Lama road sign near the traffic lights) and some decorative spheres of the Repok Road railings.

Sarikei Rejang Hawker Centre 2007.
First floor; halal side

Sarikei Rejang Hawker Centre 2007.
First floor; non-halal side

I don't know what else to write about this hawker centre so I'm going downstairs where it's wet, wet, wet and more thrill for the senses.


Daniel Yiek said...

This post is late because I had problems uploading pics on blogger. I had to use another PC.

nelson said...

i know the abc at the halal side is nice.

Tuan Lokong said...

Geess must have been ages since I had been upstairs. I find it a bit out in my point to eat upstairs. I am used to eat on ground floor in the Kopitiam and etc...Most of the time eating upstairs is when I am going for a party in restaurant. :)

Daniel Yiek said...

Pasted this comment here:

Anonymous said...
Hi Daniel,

Refer to your "Sarikei Rejang Hawker Centre" .. you should notice/post, "Jangan Membuang sampah Ke Atas Bumbung". I took a photo sometime back ..

When i was in Sarikei in 1990's, the is a famous ABC Special from the Malay section. I think it is still there ..

Ivy said...

The famous ABC Special stall also serve good "Wu Wei Tang" - Five flavor soup. I remember stopping by there frequently during my secondary school days (late 80's and early 90's). It was also on this Halal section where I had my very first Roti Canai in 1987. I remember it vividly as we studied about Roti Canai in our primary school and we had no idea what that was and our English teach, late Mr. Lau from SRB Methodist, suggested us the only place (2 stalls down the ABC stall) in Sarikei that served Roti Canai during that time. I still remember how my friends and I were amazed by how big the nose of the Indian guy who made / sell Roti Canai was (haven't seen a lot of Indian or foreigner back then..) and we'd been going back ever since because we like Roti Canai. said...

Yeah, halal section ABCs are very nice! Used to buy kuih from the open air side (now the fountain garden) and then head up to have it with ABCs. Try variety of cendol and specials. Non halal side there's quite nice 'cha chu mien'.

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