Saturday, May 10, 2008

Scenes - Sarikei Rejang Hawker Centre. Part 2

Sarikei Rejang Hawker Centre, 2007
Ground Floor Market

Remember when you won't want to step into the local wet markets as a kid? Now when you venture into the abyss of the markets, you are awed by the amazing array of food stuff on display.

Sarikei Rejang Hawker Centre, 2007
Ground Floor Market

This market is tidy and clean. The seafood section is inevitably wet but overall, this market is a pleasant visit and you will never know what you will stumble upon.

Sarikei cuttlefish and eggs, 2007

Those eggs in plastic bags are salted eggs. You can eat them with your piping hot porridge.

Sarikei seaweed and cuttlefish (L-R), 2007

These seaweed are good iodine supplement. They are often made into soup with bone stock. Ahhh, those cuttlefish bring to mind the flour based local delicacy of ding bian hu.

Sarikei otak udang, 2007

Otak udang (brains of prawns in Malay)? Sure or not? What exactly are these? By the way, otak udang also means stupid!

Sarikei cuttlefish and cow tendons (L-R), 2007

There are tangy tendons from the cows! Excellent for herbal soup. What else do they sell or what else don't they sell?

Sarikei cow tendons and sea cucumbers (L-R), 2007

Oh gosh, cucumbers from the sea! Slurp! Delicious chewy sponges. Some people will not put this in their mouth for RM$1 million!


fred said...

otak is udang is otak udang.. nothing else to it. the brain of the prawn. best cooked stirred fried and served with hot rice.

Daniel Yiek said...

Wong Kwang Soon's son emailed that his dad is still living in Sarikei. I would like to meet him during CNY 2009. I'm sure a lot of you were his students.

Wong Kwong Soon was the Senior Asisstant in St. Anthony's School before moving to the Divisional Education Office, Sarikei. He was with St. Anthony's School from 1953to 1975.

Tuan Lokong said...

I eat little of that Otak Udang, "takut tinggi cholestrol" they taste extremely best if you wrap it with Nipah young leaves and burnt it on charocal....Fuyooo.

lidasar said...

When I was a kid I heard of a story about a Balacan maker in Balawai who developed a disease called the "Elephant leg" and in one process the maker needed to step on the mixture to make the Balacan. So I never try Sarikei's Balacan.

Tuan Lokong said...

Bintulu's Belacan is the best in Malaysia, Try it you will agree, including the cencaluk.

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