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Food - Sarikei Maize

Sarikei Maize, 2007
Find the low cost housing behind
Behind Jalan Bangunan Kerajaan

If you want to explore Sarikei off the beaten tracks, get out of the comfort of your car and cycle. Jalan Bangunan Kerajaan (Government Buildings Road) has the State and Federal Offices, government quarters, SESCO and the fire station but at the end of the road, you can find some Chinese country homes and low cost government housing.

Sarikei Maize, 2007
Behind Jalan Bangunan Kerajaan

The Chinese country homes there used to belong partly to the extended Yii family of Nguong Aik 源益 shop (17 Repok Road) and the Lim family who runs a hardware store at Berjaya Road (near Hung Kiew Kee restaurant).

Anyway, our story today is on the amazing maize. I nearly got chased away by the low cost housing owners as they thought I was there to pinch their vegetables and maize.

Sarikei Maize, 2007
Behind Jalan Bangunan Kerajaan

In the 1970s, street hawkers outside Cathay cinema at Central Road would put their ears of corn (the bigger version) in a recycled cooking oil tin and heat the water from below with charcoal. After the maize were cooked, they would be displayed them on top of the tin for sale. If you didn't like corn, there's always other tidbits like kacang putih nuts sold in newspaper cones.

Sarikei Maize, 2007
Sarikei Bus Terminal Roadside Hawker
Bank Road

Nowadays, if you trawl the Sarikei vegetables market at Bank Road or Nyelong Road, you will see maize displayed, usually the smaller versions shown above.

Do you like the smaller or bigger versions of Sarikei maize? No corny jokes please.


Tuan Lokong said...

Looking at the Maize pictures or here we call it "Zurah". Just two weeks ago driving back from Sibu back Sarikei. Along the Bintanggor junction saw a lady sell the Maize. She told us the maize is the Thailand breed.
We bought 4 bundle or ekat costing at rm10.00 each! One ekat is only 4 to 5 pieces. Phewww that is much better than pepper mmm....taste I must admit not beating the Ligo type.

Politic I must admit we have more bargain power if BA negotiate with us, but will CM allow this?

lidasar said...

Oh yes the hawker outside Cathay cinema at Central Road selling boiled Jagong with a salty flavour, I can recall. I prefer this kind of preparation that those charcoal burned one found in places that I travel.

In the pass the type of Jagong wasn't very good until the introduction of new hybrid called Ligo and Sweet hybrid from Thailand. I think baby Jagong wasn't popular until early 80s where the Ibans found that planting Jagong after land clearing can help to bring in some income before they start the rice planting season or could it be done concurrently?

Nguong Aik 源益, this was the first shop selling Kong Piang in Sarikei, still in their wooden shop house then.

Anonymous said...

26 March 2012

SIBU : The sweet ‘honey’ corn from Sarikei is selling like hot cakes at the Sibu Central Market.

According to one of its sellers, Abdul Rahman Enu, the tender and juicy kernels of this particular type of corn makes it very popular among the locals.

“I get my supply of ‘honey’ corn from Sarikei during the corn season which falls between March to June.

“This is usually the time of the year when the weather gets dry,” he said when met at the Sibu Central Market yesterday.

The 38-year-old father of one said he sells the ‘honey’ corn at RM10 per bulk.

“I sells six stalks of corn in a bulk for the ‘A’ (bigger) size while seven in a bulk for the ‘B’ (smaller) size corn,” he explained.

Rahman who hails from Kampung Usahajaya Baru, Sentosa in Salim here said his customers are made up of the various races who have one interest in common, they simply love ‘honey’ corn.

“If you have a bite of this ‘honey’ corn, you better trust me when I say you will definitely want to take more bites out of this sweet juicy corn,” he added.

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