Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Scenes - Sarikei District Council and Fire Station 1967

The Sarikei District Council (SDC) was established in 1955 at the ground floor of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce at Market Road. It moved to the building below at Nyelong Road after the formation of Malaysia (1963) in the mid 1960s. You can see that the wall of small bamboo like shrubs had grown to navel height (extreme left). The Nyelong Road building was rebuilt and the renovation was completed in 1995.

Sarikei District Council and Fire Station, 1967
Nyelong Road,
Source: Inter District Basketball Gold Cups magazine, Apr-May 1967.
Submitted by Ease Chen

The first Chairman of SDC was Mr Wong Tou Choon, a Foochow from Binatang. His dad operated a shop selling clocks in Sarikei. Before Mr Wong became the SDC's chairman, he was sent to England to undergo local council training. Mr. Wong served as the Chairman until retirement (even after SDC had shifted to the new building)

Mr Wong Tou Choon's brother, Dr. Wong Tou Fu, worked in the old wooden hospital by Nyelong River. In the early 1980s, Dr Wong started a clinic at No. 4 Repok Road (lawyer chong's shop) after the Iban doctor, Dr Jawai Masing, moved out. Dr Wong had his medical studies and training in China. (Source: Reader 45rpm)

How many of you could remember the small playground behind that tree on the right in the 1960s-1970s. It had two see-saw, one go-around, 4 swings and a slide.

Sarikei Fire Station, 2005
Jalan Bangunan Kerajaan,
Source: Jimmy Ong

The importance of the 1967 photo was that it showed the original fire station at the right of the building. The fire station moved to the new building at Jalan Bangunan Kerajaan in 1989.

Can you imagine in the old days when you had just recovered from paying the shocking bills at the District Council and then suddenly the fire engine's siren next door scared the living daylights out of you?


Tuan Lokong said...

Remember the old Fire Station applied for Fire Officer before, an interview in Sibu by late Supt. Tuan Lim PS.

Well unlucky then did not get the job...:)

45rpm said...

The area and surrounding used to be rubber farm. The father of Brother's Company in the last block of Central Rd used to own a farm in this area. This 1st generation Cantonese Mr Lee is one of the earlier settler in Sarikei, owning a farm so close to the town was testimonial to how early he came. The sons used to operate the shop that specialise in repairing marine outboard motor in Central Rd in the 70s.

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