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Scenes - Sarikei District Council. Part 2

Sarikei District Council, 1955
Find the old houses behind.
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Source: Ease Chen

Who else can you recognise?

L1, Leong Ming Teck 梁明德 (Cantonese Association Chairman; Kwong Lee Bank manager);
L2, Wong Yong Hua 王仰华 (Foochow kapitan);
L3 Yii Choo Ting 俞祖添 (St. Anthony's & St. Anne's Chinese teacher);
L7, Chen Ko Ming 陳高明 (Cantonese kapitan);
L8, Penghulu Eman
L9 and L10: The 2 Malays with the songkok and head dress also appeared at the Sarikei District Office picture (1950-60s). Names?
L11, Penghulu Ah-Nin

L2, Tan Kim Sing 陳敬信 (Headmaster of Kwang Chien school);
L3 黃亦天
L4 Yek Suk Kang 葉叔幹(Foochow businessman);
L5 Siaw Ah Khoon 蕭南坤
L6 黃道春

Sarikei District Council (SDC) was established on 1st Jan 1955 under the Local Authority Ordinance. Why was 1955 such a busy year with the famous trade hartal against the colonial government led by Sarikei, the setup of the Cantonese Association and the Sarikei District Council? Chen Ko Ming was in the middle of all these.

Sarikei District Council, 2006-2007
Nyelong Road
Source: Jeffrey Wong

(Updated) The District Council was originally stationed at the ground floor of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce (Market Road) before it was moved to the present location (Nyelong Road) in the mid 1960s. The Nyelong Road building was rebuilt and the renovation was completed in 1995.


45rpm said...

SDC first started at the ground floor of Chinese Chamber of Commerce. Once you enter the building it occupied the room to the right. The room to the left was the Public Reading Room. The 1st Chairman of SDC was Mr Wong Tou Choon whom was a Foochow from Binatang. Before Mr Wong sit as SDC chairman he was send to England to have local council training. Mr. Wong continued as the Chairman even after they shifted to the new SDC building and until retirement.

Mr Wong Tou Choon had a brother Dr Wong Tou Fu. Dr Wong ever worked in the old wooden hospital by Nyelong River. In the early 80s Dr Wong started a clinic at No 4 Repok Rd after Iban Dr Jawai Masing moved out. Dr Wong had his medical studies and training in China and understands to be in old Shanghai French Concession territory.

Around that time when SDC started Mr Chen Ko Ming was send to England on some study mission and he missed the 1st Cantonese Association council meeting.

In the photo the gentleman Tuan Haji wearing a Songkok & spectacle sited 3rd from Right was a Satay man selling Satay in the evening and he joined SUPP when the party first started, I don't have his name. Penghulu Eman & Penghulu Ah-Nin was also in the photo and the little kid in the background looks like is me.....haha!

Daniel Yiek said...

Does anyone know which gentleman is Wong Tou Choon in the picture?

A relative of Wong Yong Hua 王仰华 emailed and wrote that Wong Yong Hua's daughters were surprised to see their dad's pic in this blog. He will try to send some old pics. Wow, small world!

45rpm said...

Quest: What is common for 梁 明 德, 陳高明 & 王仰华 ?

梁 明 德 - Kwang Lee Bank
陳高明 - Standard & Chartered Bank
王仰华 - Hock Hua Bank

I think all had forgotten No 7 Repok Rd 2nd floor once used to be a place for banking, they were the earliest Hock Hua Bank agent.

Daniel Yiek said...

Working in a bank was a very prestigious job in the old days.

I have updated the post on No. 7 Repok Road. I assume you meant 1st floor = 2nd storey (not 2nd floor which is the 3rd storey).

45rpm said...

You are correct, is the level above the shop.

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