Monday, July 14, 2008

Scenes - Sarikei Nyelong Swiftlet Ranching. Part 2

Sarikei Swiftlet Ranching
Source: Philip Hill

Sarikei is now one of the top swiftlet's nest production areas in Sarawak. The others are Mukah and Sibu. First, you build a bird house with the help of a swiftlet ranching consultant. Then you pray that the swiftlets will home in to your bird house.

Sarikei Swiftlet Ranching
Philip Hill

A few of the swiftlets were attracted by the mating calls blasting out from the loudspeakers and swiftly decided to check out the place.

Sarikei Swiftlet Ranching
Philip Hill

If they like your bird house, they spread the word to the others. Your place or mine?

Sarikei Swiftlet Ranching
Philip Hill

Then the swarm will come. Don't rub your hands in glee yet. If the wrong type of swiftlets nest at your bird house, the quality of the bird's nest will be poor. Ranchers are known to destroy the poor quality nests and start wooing the right type all over again.

Sarikei Swiftlet Ranching. New House.
Philip Hill

Sarikei Swiftlet Ranching
Source: Philip Hill

This new bird ranching house is quite near the Nyelong River ferry terminal on the Bintangor side of the river. Sarikei government does not allow ranching in downtown for reasons like hygiene and noise pollution. The ceiling planks for nesting are made from meranti wood. Find the loudspeaker.

For every successful one, there are some other failures. Pump up the volume? Now don't rush to install loudspeakers with mating calls. You may attract the wrong crowd.


Daniel Yiek said...

If you have not been following the interesting development on the Sarikei election, read this:

Tan Sri Ting Phek Khiing should have been called to testify in Sarikei election petition

SIBU, Thurs:
Corporate figure Tan Sri Ting Phek Khiing should have been called to testify in an election petition filed by a defeated DAP candidate to nullify the election result for the Sarikei parliamentary seat, the Election Court heard today.

Henry Ling Kuong Meng, counsel for Sarikei MP Ding Kuong Hiing, submitted that this was because the petitioner, Dr Wong Hua Seh, had alleged that Ting had committed the corrupt practice of bribery by promising the people of the constituency that he would build the Tunku Abdul Rahman (TAR) college if Ding won the election.

“The allegation demands a conclusive and direct proof. The only way for this is by calling Ting himself as a witness for the petitioner.

“However, he had failed to do so, thus destroying the very foundation of his case,”he said.

Ling contended that the many allegations of promises in speeches by Ting would remain unproven in his absence.

He thus urged Justic Datuk Ian Chin to strike out the petition or dismiss it with costs and uphold the election result.

He also said that Dr Wong had relied purely on newsapaper reports as evidence but such reports were basically hearsay and could not be used as proof.

He said the six reporters who had written the reports had “all conclusively testified and proven that they did not record and report the precise words verbatim.

“No one had used any recording media but merely jotted the main points by hand.

“There was no opportunity for Ding, the respondent, to test the witnesses’ veracity or impeach their impartiality in reporting,” he said.

He said Dr Wong had no personal knowledge of the allegations because he was never present at all those events and had relied on the evidence of others to prove his allegations.

“The evidence must show clearly that the promise or gift was made to an elector or voter to vote or refrain from voting at an election, which is absent in this case,” he said.

He said the best evidence was from Dr Wong himself who had unequivocally testified that the voters were definitely free to vote for any candidate they desired Chin said he would decide on the case after getting the replies from the petitioner’s lawyers led by Chong Siew Chang and fixed July 24 as a tentative date for his judgment.

45rpm gramophone said...

I am not sure this will work but if spot lights can be fixed to shine in the direction of the window this will attract a lot of flies at night which act as food to attract the birds.

Kanga said...

I like your idea 45 rpm, to get rid of lots of insects. However I always have this fear at the back of my mind: what if these birds bring bird flu! I hope it will never happen.

Daniel Yiek said...

27 Feb 2009

By Michael Chiew

SARIKEI: The Sarawak Forestry Department continues to make good its pledge to clean the State of illegal swiftlet farming when it launched its first operation here yesterday afternoon.
Headed by its Chief Enforcement Officer, Nicholas Sebastian, the raiding party also included the police and personnel from the Land & Survey Department.
They managed to close down four swiftlet rearing farms operating along Jalan Nyelong, Jalan Kubu and Jalan Central.
The operation attracted a large crowd of people who saw how the enforcement officers removed the nests and other gadgets from the four illegal farms.
Members of the Sarikei District Swiftlets’ Farming Association were also present to render their assistance. No untoward incident was reported.
It is understood that the operation would resume today as there were many more outlets to cover across the town center.

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