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Scenes - Sarikei Tai Ping Road Residential Area

Tai Ping 太平 Road has arguably the oldest block of concrete terrace house in Sarikei (the first block in the picture). It was completed in the late 1960s, circa 1968, before Hua Tai Garden in 1972. It came with modern flush toilets.

The first unit was owned by a Foochow from the construction business (I think he built the block too).

The second unit was rented out to 2 Indian teacher and families in the early-mid 1970s (Mr. Celestine and KJ Thomas of Sekolah Tinggi).

The third unit is owned a Cantonese (Yip Teck Soon of Chop Eng Leong, formerly at No. 15 Repok Road).

Sarikei Tai Ping Road, 2007
View from Repok Road

Tai Ping Road was not a paved road then (just a muddy dirt road). This area was considered the outskirts of town then. After the first concrete block, there were a few attap (nipah palm) houses. Chicken, ducks, geese and even a few turkeys roamed freely. The current cement drain was a dug out muddy drain with sewage eating guppies and tadpoles. On the right side of the road was virgin tropical forests where convoys of jungle ants paraded.

In the mid 1970s, people started to build concrete houses along this road. The last house then was owned by the Siaw family. One of the daughters, Siaw Ai Hua, currently owns the top salon (Keny) in town with her hubby, Keny. The road did not link to Nyelong Park then. You had to U-turn at the dead end.

In the mid to late 1980s, the right side started to build up with bigger terrace houses. Now Tai Ping is used by people to travel from Repok Road to the Nyelong Park roundabout. From a muddy dirt road to a major residential road!

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I stayed there in the 70s!

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