Monday, August 11, 2008

View - Sarikei Rejang River Express 2007

Sarikei Rejang River Express Boat, 2007
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Source: aminorazmi.fotopages

This brilliant photo depicts the Tanjung Manis-Sarikei express boat slicing through the tea coloured Rejang River while moody clouds hovered above. Sometimes daredevils sit on top of the express boat to enjoy the tan and the adrenalin rush.

Town ahoy! The sight of Sarikei town in the distance gave a warm sense of home coming. The salty river breeze, the thought of kampua noodle and the sight of Sarikei = priceless.


Anonymous said...

Wow ... do you have a Wallpaper size version for this?


45rpm said...

This kind of high quality photographic wasn't available in the old days. Old photos are a valuable source of information and in the early days only the privilege few took photos. Portraits were done by hand in the old days and enlarging portraits by hand was a profession.

I could be wrong but the first who own a camera in old Sarikei could well be Foochow Kapitan Wong Yong Hua. He was Sarikei's first photographic enthusiastic and probably the childrens has the richest collection of some of the earliest scene of old Sarikei. Mr Wong had a photographic studio first before he started his Hua Hin shop at No 7 Repok Rd, I won't be surprise if the picture of Kwang Chien Pri Sch 1st batch's graduation July 1928 was taken by him.

Wu Kok Fei photo studio started very early in one of those wooden shop house and later moved down to No. 9 Repok Rd 2nd Floor. He moved to Binatang after his apprentice Hakka Ah Peng took over and started Meina Studio. Mr Wu family should have a great collection of the earliest Sarikei's Photos too.

Chan Fong studio started by a photographic enthusiasts Mr.Chua a Hokkien who was the son of the Shop Kim Seng Ang No. 3 Wharf Rd and son-in-law of 廣合興.
Unfortunately he passed away early and his wife took over the business for a short while before a Foochow took over and change the name to Hong Kong Studio. So the Chua and the Chan had a great collection of old photos too.

One of the greatest achievements of this Blog is to bring out the old photos of old Sarikei.

Daniel Yiek said...

Sorry lah. I dont have the high resolution pic.

45 rpm,
One of the readers is a relative of Foochow kapitan, Wong Yong Hua. I will email him to see what he can dig out and contribute to this capsule.

When this blog finally ends, I will write a electronic book on Sarikei that can be continuously updated and downloaded for free at this blog (likely to be a link to a free file hosting website). The book will be better categorised and each category will in time sequence instead of the random nature of a blog.

The fun of blogs is that there's the element of surprise because the blogger usually does not know what to post till the day itself.

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