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View - Sarikei 2007 from Wisma Jubli Mutiara. Part 1

View from Sarikei District Office 2007.
Nyelong River ferry crossing
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The tallest building in Sarikei is the newer Sarikei District Office (formally known as Wisma Jubli Mutiara; opened on 16 Aug 1993). Have you been up there before? Firstly, you have to get permission from the security guards in front of the lifts (yes, you've heard it..the first building in Sarikei to have lifts). All the floors are offices and the only view the public can see is from the windows next to the lifts. The top floor has a high wall that blocks the view for safety reasons. Maybe this floor can be opened as a viewing platform for tourists in future.

View from Sarikei District Office 2007.
Rejang River flowing from downtown towards South China Sea.
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Well, what can you see over the wall? A different angle of Sarikei. That's Nyelong Road connecting Nyelong River on the right (not shown) to Repok Road and then via Jalan Masjid Lama to Sarikei River on the left (partially hidden). Find the block of shops that replaced the old basketball stadium. Find the Civic Centre that replaced the padang (field). Find the block that replaced the burned Cathay cinema. Find Kampung Seberang across the Sarikei River in the background.

The first blue roof on the right is the old Post Office. The second blue roof houses the old Sarikei District Office. The orange roof is the Sarikei District Council. The buildings next to it are the former library and the now defunct Rex cinema.

View from Sarikei District Office 2007
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Along Jalan Kubu Lama (parallel to Rejang River), note the police station, the customs building, the former Sebor building, SESCO backup station and the seafood warehouse belonging to the Kueh family.

Along Nyelong Road, check out the hawker centres that sells pork and poultry. Perpendicular to Nyelong Road are 2 rows of shops with a hawker market (blue roof) in between selling native products.

View from Sarikei District Office 2007.
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To the right is the Nyelong River with the Nyelong Esplanade and the floral toilet. Another newer row of shops is shown (blue roof). The intersection where Nyelong River meets Rejang River (top corner) is likely the location of the James Brooke fort (at Jalan Kubu Lama). Well, that's a different story for another day.

Surely that's not all the view. I headed to the office at the highest floor and asked permission to take pictures from their windows.

"Excuse me, can I take photos from your windows? I'm a blogger."
"What's a blogger?"

Blank stare.


Daniel Yiek said...

Selamat Hari Raya everyone. Drive safely if you balik kampung.

I'm taking a break from History posts because a) it's difficult to write and translate. b) History is not everyone's cup of kopi-O.

I have only a few months of content left ... it gets much more difficult to write the remaining posts.

jingpengboy said...

Gotta teach them to check out blogs more often not just xxx from their offices' comps.

Maybe you can go interview Sarikeians like our MP, aduns, chan kam huai etc about sarikei. i'm afraid they don't know what's a blogger also. Blogging is a serious subject now, politicians in the peninsular depends on it now.

Light industries of sarikei? from nyelong light industrial estate to apollo ice cream factory @ taman susur.

jingpengboy said...

Maybe we can discuss about sarikei division, not just sarikei town? pakan, meradong, jakar, bintangor, kim san, sari to name a few. They don't want to feel left out from sarikei division and internet too I guess. They can't sustain their own blogs for their own respective towns but if their stories are united with ours, we can sustain.

sarawakiana said...

You have been doing a great job for Sarikei. Do continue to write. Sometimes inspiration can creep up to you without you knowing.

Press on!!

I have enjoyed reading your postings and giving comments. You have a great reader base and that is a boon.

Happy holidays

Daniel Yiek said...


1) I'm not based in Sarikei as I make my living in Singapore. This makes it tough to do those interviews you mentioned.

Yes, blogging has become alternative info to the traditional media. This blog probably has the most comprehensive consolidation of Sarikei info on the internet (ranked 1 or 2 on google search..way beyond my original expectation as a simple hobby)...thanks to all those who contributed.

It's nice to have Sarikei history and old pics digitised. We are not done yet...there's still a lot of history and rarely seen OLD pictures that I have not posted yet. Example: the old Methodist Church. ;-). I'm still waiting for Malay readers to send pics of the old wooden mosque.

2) I would be glad to include other towns in 6th Division if there are people from there willing to be a guest writer (because I don't know enough about those towns to do justice to them). Readers like Ikan Sembilang actually helped to find old pics and even write content via email and this makes it easier for me.

Thanks for the continued support. ;)

Kanga said...


Thanks for the photos. I can clearly see 3 of the 5 places I stayed in Sarikei.

Frost said...

You asked "Have you been up there before?" Yes, I've been up there back in year 1997. That time I was with my supervisor, doing the air-conditioner services. Nearly got myself killed there when the stupid office people turn on the air-conditioner without warning. We are inside the giant fan, washing and cleaning. I was lucky enough to be able to jump out straight from the unit. Stupid wisma jubli staff.

Jen said...

I think that this blog is really a job well done. Really enjoyed reading all about Sarikei. Made me realise that there's more to what meets the eye in this sweet and quaint town.

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