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View - Sarikei 2007 from Wisma Jubli Mutiara. Part 2

A higher ranking manager came out of the office and asked, "Are you a reporter?"

"No, I'm not. I'm a writer who promotes Sarikei and its heritage on the internet."

"Are you from Sarikei? I have not seen you before."

"Of course lah. I left Sarikei to study in Sydney and I'm working in Singapore now."

He was kind enough to show me around the office and let me take pictures out of their windows. I had never seen Sarikei from these angles. Here you go. *Wink*

Sarikei view from Wisma Jubli Mutiara, 2007
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In the foreground is the Agricultural Department - the site of the first public library (now demolished). You can not miss the imposing telecom tower. Next to it is the newer double storey Post Office (the building with a box like structure on the top). For those from Kwang Chien school (brown roof), check out the newer 3-storey block and the covered basketball court at the back door. Find the shop block behind the District Council where the popular Dr. Yap clinic was.

Sarikei view from Wisma Jubli Mutiara, 2007
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What's the empty plot of land next to the Kwang Chien basketball court for? Another shop block? The road leading to Methodist Primary School (the tower with the blue roof) is Jalan Bersatu. Check out the 1970s government quarters between Jalan Bersatu and Siaw Ah Koon Road (next to JKR; not shown).

Sarikei view from Wisma Jubli Mutiara, 2007
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This picture was featured before under the furniture row post. The bold yellow shop is the Mammoth store. Another big shop is 大眾 Public Furniture Showroom where you can even find quality furniture imported from China.

Sarikei folks have come a long way to move up the pyramid of life. Most Sarikei denizens have fulfilled the basic needs of food and shelter at the bottom of the pyramid and are going after lifestyle wants. All Sarikei folks should always remember this humble quote from one of the history articles:

Sarikei downtown was then just a "small and exceedingly dirty Chinese bazaar and Malay kampung".


45rpm said...

Each time I look at the old Padang and the old basketball area I felt a little sad, no doubt is not my concern any more but still I felt nostalgia having grown up as that area was my play ground. In the name of development my play ground gone forever.

Let me bring you back to the time before the war the area was not even a Padang, no Central road either. The oldest road was Wharf Rd, Market Rd, Repok Rd and the two roads to the Kampung. The land behind the shop houses in Wharf Rd was a big piece of empty land with water catchments and folks could catch a lot of cat fish. Somewhere along Central Rd area was a small path wide enough for bicycles that lead to a small hut where pork were sold in the morning, this pork business was dominated by Foochow's Wong 王 clan.

The area was developed in the early 1950s with 3 blocks of shop houses and the construction of Central Rd. The local council decided to build a Padang opposite the 3 blocks, this was common in town planning under the British. The Padang was a very labor intensive project as worker have to lay the ground using chungkol with soil brought in from 3rd mile. The project was not satisfactory as soil start to sink thus resulting in uneven surface. It was 老王 Lou Wang a Cantonese engineer from Hong Kong whom was posted to Sarikei and started to rework on the Padang with longkang dig on the four side of the Padang to provide for better drainage of the field and thus provide a beautiful field for the town. In the early days road were unpaved and the 1st road to be paved with asphalt concrete was Wharf Rd and the engineer again was 老王 Lou Wang. He was also the engineer who builds those government quarters between Jalan Bersatu and Siaw Ah Koon Rd.

nelson said...

I was told that during pulau kidjang tragedy, corpses were brought in by heli in nets(like fishing nets) and placed at the padang and my dad and his colleagues went to examine them. Meanwhile, nurses were taking their dental records etc.

sarawakiana said...

Hi Daniel

Do you think you can get a Foochow recipe for Mang Chiew Koh (the peanut lardy and sesame rich kuih) off a Foochow biscuit shop?

I have been looking for this traditional recipe for a long time and recently I was given some by a friend who bought a piece from Sarikei.

Wonderful and sinful stuff indeed!!

Daniel Yiek said...

45 rpm,
Wow, never heard of this old story before.

Updated the Pulau Kidjang post. Key in "wreck" in the search box of the blog

Sorry lah. Don't have access to the recipe. Maybe in future .. :)

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