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History - Sarikei and Sare Map. 1846

This is probably the earliest map where you can find Rejang village, Siriki (Sarikei), Saree (Sare) and Kanowit. Igan River was shown but Sibu was not shown at where Igan River intersected Rejang River. Sibu and Binatang (Bintangor) were developed much later. Note that we are talking about the old village of Siriki on Sarikei River, not the current downtown Sarikei facing Rejang River.

"Coast of Borneo Proper" Map 1846
With the track of HMS Iris from June 1846 to Jan 1847
By G. Rodney Mundy, Captain
Names of River by Brooke
The corner box shows Capture of Brunei, 1846
Published by John Murray, Albemarle St, London, 1848
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Siriki was shown on Sarikei River but had two dots on both sides of the Sarikei River. Is the map telling us that Siriki village of Datuk Patinggi Abdul Rahman was on both sides of the Sarikei River? We can conclude from the last blog post that the headquarters of the village (house of the penghulu, Datuk Patinggi) was on the downtown side of the Sarikei River, not the Kampung Seberang/Petalit side. That location was probably the CTC sawmill hill next to Merudu Bridge because that's the nearest hill on this side by the Sarikei River to the Rejang River.

Rejang village was shown with 2 dots too. Baradong (Maradaong) was on the map. Note that Rejang River was not explored far beyond Kanowit (denoted with "Tatoed Dyaks and Pirate Tribes")

Saree (Sare) was not correctly placed. The tributary off Rejang River should be longer and Sare should be nearer to Sarikei. The Dyaks (Ibans) were most likely the original ones that had inhabited that area. The Cantonese followed the same tributary to reach Sare a few years before 1885.

What other stories can you dig out from this old map?


nelson said...

a great map of old sarawak. i like maps! i got one huge(modern sarawak) one taken from land and survey. anyway, maybe another mission of ours is to track down the descendants of datuk patinggi or maybe sharif masahor too.

Daniel Yiek said...

Got an email from someone that used to be stationed in Kuching. If you are from Terri's batch, email address is below.

Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2008 14:18:36 +0000
Subject: Sarikei

Hi Daniel - I 'googled' my way to Sarikei, whilst searching to find out about local history, Kuching in the early 60's. I was stationed there during the troubles. Dont hold out to much hope, having trawled most of the uk army service sites, found a couple of friends from my time in Malaya and Singapore. From time to time my searching picks up a gem like your site. Love local history where ever it is - All the best -terri

Terri & Svetlana Gagarina-Rawlings
Volgograd, Russian Federation.

nelson said...

wow, i didn't know that we have russkies guarding sarawak and I thought all were commonwealth soldiers?

Tuan Lokong said...

I must say many of those British Army before were also from Nepal. Most elders Iban knew them before especially those from the Oya area.

They mentioned that the "Ghurka" were the best in jungle warfare. They are good in moving along in the bush where no one will know until he appeared in front of you.

Most of the Iban folks who knew them told me that The Ghurka is very much afraid of rivers, I asked why they said because they could not swim. I guess it is no longer a problem now.

Maybe any rivers we are afraid too of something we could not see 'crocodiles' maybe.

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