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View - Sarikei Rejang River. 1945

Have you ever wonder how Sarikei would look like from the opposite bank of Rejang River? Well, one photographer took the initiative to do that and frame this picture with the mangrove foliage. Enjoy this rare picture.

Sarikei Rejang River. Late 1945
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Source: Albert

How do we know this was from the late 1945? Enlarge the picture and you will notice that the Bank Road block and Block 2 Right of Repok Road were close to completion by former Cantonese kapitan Khoo Peng Loong. These blocks were completed in 1946.

The vegetables market on the extreme right looked like it was still under construction.

The old wharf could be seen on the left (opposite the current police station). The current Terminal 1 wharf opposite Bank Road block was not up yet. Mangrove trees and sampan (boats) could be seen along the Rejang River bank.

What else can you see in this moment captured on black and white film?


45rpm said...

Old photos like this are a valuable source of information and the offspring of old studio owner might still have a rich collection of old photos stored somewhere in an almost abandoned store room. Let us go back to history and find out if we can track any of those old studios.

I heard Foochow Kapitan Wong Yong Hua was a photographic enthusiast in his younger days but that should be confirmed by his children and grand children. Actually the earliest photographer does the trade freelance as only the privilege takes photos and photo lab can be set up at home.

In Sarikei photographic really took off around the time in early 1950s when the government of the day (British) started registration & issuing out identity card to all adult. That was also when most folks took photo for the 1st time.

The registration for Identity card was done at the Chinese Chamber of Commerce Building and handled by a Hakka gentleman from Sibu and his Cantonese brother-in-law (Wife's brother) from Sarikei. The Hakka gentleman was given a funny nick name called 黑面午 (Black face bull) and his brother-in-law is Ah Kin. So if you have the wrong spelling for your surname you know whom to blame…...haha!

My earliest record of a photo studio was that of Foochow Wu Kok Fei 胡國輝 studio started in one of the wooden shop house along Repok Rd and later shifted to No 9 Repok Rd. Wu Kok Fei up rooted and moved to Binatang, the studio was later taken over by Mr Hiew (Ah Peng) who converted to 美娜Mayna Studio.

老孙 Lou Sun(孙耀民) was a Cantonese from 南海 who learned photographic in Singapore and when he came to Sarikei he did photographic without a shop. During the time when folks were required to register for IC he was a busy mobile photographer moving from village to village, house to house and from the saving started his own photo shop called 大衆 Ta Jon at the back of No 12 Repok Rd up stair in the 1950s.

Another early studio was Chan Fong春風and started by a photographic enthusiasts Mr.Chua a Hokkien who was the son of the Shop Kim Seng Ang No. 3 Wharf Rd. He married the sister of Mr.Chan Ko Ming and he started a studio on the 2nd level of the middle shop in the middle block in Wharf Rd. Unfortunately he passed away early and his wife took over the business for a short while before a Foochow took over and change the name to Hong Kong Studio.

長明 studio was started by a Cantonese and later when he passed away his son continue with a new name called Honeymoon Studio.

Early Studio:
Wu Kok Fei 胡國輝 : 胡國輝Wu Kok Fei Studio
孙耀民 (Lou Sun老孙): 大衆 Ta Jon Studio
Mr Chua (Kim Seng Ang’s son): 春風 Choon Fong Studio
Mr Hiew Ah Peng: 美娜Mayna Studio
Hong Kong Studio, Peking Studio, 長明 studio, Goodwood Studio.

My 45rpm gramophone played for the last time last night, it brings back so much old memory but time to move on folks.

nelson said...

wow, that's a lot of history man!

Kanga said...

Hi 45rpm,could we expect you to be 33rpm soon? or are you going to catapult to Blue Ray DVDs or Mp3s? Please don't disappear so soon.I am sure you still have a lot more valuable info and stories to share. Hope to read about your tales in whatever username or form....

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