Tuesday, December 30, 2008

History - Sarikei 2008 in Review

It's that time of the year again to look back at the top 10 events of 2008.

Old Sarikei District Office and court, 2005
Nyelong Road

No.10: New Court to be Built (Nov)
*Hammer. Hammer*. Quiet please. The verdict is we need a new building for the court. A new court building will be constructed at Jalan Bangunan Kerajaan at a whooping RM$6.8M and will take 18 months to complete.

Sarikei Public Toilet at Nyelong River Esplanade, 2008
Source: sibutoiletcouncil.blogspot

No. 9:
Best Public Toilet in Malaysia (Nov)
Please flush after using. Please blush after winning. Yes, our floral toilet had won the best public toilet managed by a district council in Malaysia. This is not something to be sniffed at.

Sarawak Exhibition at Civic Centre, 2008
Source: Desmond Chen

No. 8: Sarawak Exhibition at Civic Centre (Dec)
An exhibition showing 45 years of progress of Sarawak in Malaysia was held in Sarikei. Is Sarawak doing well compared to other states in West Malaysia? Anwar's PKR party believe that they can do a better job than this in Sarawak. Which party is right? Your vote will be the judge in the next election.

Sarikei Blackout, 2008

No. 7: Sarawak Blackout (Aug)
A huge area of Sarawak, including Sarikei, was plunged into pitch darkness till 10.30pm. The power failure was caused by "the grid not operating under normal operating condition due to circuit 1 between Bintulu and Sibu being shut down for project implementation at the new Selangau 275kV substation." Bring out the candles for some romance.

RV Orient Pandaw
Source: Pandaw

No. 6: Luxury Cruise Stop at Sarikei (Oct)
A Myanmar-based river boat company planned to start a luxury Rejang river cruise (9 Days, 8 Nights) in July 2009 with a stop in Sarikei. This is an opportunity for Sarikei tourism to move up a notch to lure these culture vultures. Don't miss the boat, folks.

Sarikei Inter Church Xmas Parade, 2008
News clips
Source: Desmond Chen

No. 5: Inter church Xmas Parade (Dec)
Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa is coming to town ... on a lorry. A 2000-strong cast supported the 1km parade of the combined churches. Joy to the Sarikei folks.

Sarikei Pesta Nanas, 2008
Nyelong River (right); Rejang River (top)
Source: Desmond Chen

No. 4: Pineapple Festival (Dec)
This was probably the biggest Pineapple Festival to date. Roads were even closed to cater to the wide range of activities. Now bring on the tourists.

Sarikei Traffic Queue to the petrol stations, 2008
Source: halamanku

No. 3: Petrol price hike (June)
An unprecedented traffic jam (2 cars deep towards town and 1 car deep away from town) was formed as people queued up into the night to beat the 40% price hike the next day.

Sarikei Nyelong Bridge Opening, 2008
Source: Desmond Chen

Sarikei Nyelong Bridge, 2008
View from Wisma Jubli Mutiara
Source: Desmond Chen

No 2: Nyelong Bridge Completion (Nov)
The RM14.75M bridge (240m long) and the RM$7.89M access roads brought an end to the romance of the ferry ride and the agony of the traffic queue. Blink and the Sarikei pineapple statue will transform into the Bintangor orange statue in about 15 minutes.

Sarikei General Election 2008
Polling station at St. Anne's School
Source: Halamanku

Sarikei General Election Results 2008

No 1: General Election Fever (Mar)
In the 5-candidate election, SUPP's Ding Kuong Hiing won by a very slim majority of 51 votes versus the nearest candidate (DAP's Dr Wong Hua Seh). The court dismissed the post election appeal by DAP which centred on the issue of the Tun Abdul Rahman (TAR) college in Bintangor. Sarikei will be a hot seat in the next election!


Who says Sarikei is a sleepy town? The next few months will be the last leg of this blog. Enjoy the rest of the journey. Happy new year, people!


sarawakiana said...

Well done Daniel!

And reading your blog makes me feel so proud of Sarikei and its development. Slowly and steadily Sarikei has come out of its cocoon in the last few years!

\And I hope 2009 will bring in further glory.

Happy New Year to all Sarikei bloggers too!

nelson said...

happy new year!

Anonymous said...

The last leg.. You're not stopping are you? Please don't... :(

gammerth said...

Thanks for sharing :O)

Daniel Yiek said...

This year is the last leg because

a) I am running out of content soon. There's only so much to blog on Sarikei because I'm not physically based there. The remaining of posts are either difficult to write (hence I delayed) or simply that I'm leaving some of the rarely seen old pictures of Sarikei till the last. Leave the best for last.

b) It takes 5-10mins to read a post but each post took an average 2-4 hrs to research, upload pics, write, format, etc. The reasons I continued to blog are the passion for writing on Sarikei and the help/motivation offered by a lot of readers with comments, content, pics, etc... This helped to develop a website that is more informative than than any other websites on Sarikei. The History posts are my favourites... it's great that Sarikei has such amazing documented history.

William said...

Daniel, thanks for the blog. I went back to Sarikei just a few days ago and there were so many changes. I haven't been back for 2 years now.

By the way, the new bridge is called Nyelong Bridge1. The actual Nyelong Bridge is 11 miles away in Nyelong. Coincidentally, I just found out, Nyelong bridge has also been replaced with a new bridge. I have written about it in my blog.

Daniel Yiek said...

Thanks for the update on Nyelong Bridge. You have a nice blog.

BurungHelang said...

Now that the ferries are gone, will we miss them?

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