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History - Sarikei pre-Merdeka

Here's another poster from the Pineapple Exhibition at Civic Centre that's worth looking at. The years are missing from the picture but we have enough data gathered before to know the years. There are 2 pictures in it which have not been posted before

Sarikei pre-Merdeka (pre-1963)
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Source: Pineapple Festival Exhibition at Sarikei Civic Centre, Dec 2008
Submitted by: Desmond Chen

Top row: Sarikei 1905
2nd row: L-R - Sarikei Repok Road 1958; Sarikei District Council members (late 1950s)
3rd row: L-R - Sarikei Bai Sheng 百勝 Cinema at Repok Road 1953; "Mosquito" School Buses 1960s


a) The old Sarikei District Council building.
You can see Chen Ko Ming (front, 4th from right). Is Wong Tou Choon (SDC Chairman) at front row, 6th from right? We can deduce that this is late 1950s because the old SDC building was up in 1955.

b) The Mosquito School Buses.
Holly molly! Kids were sardine packed into non-air conditioned bus that drove on unpaved roads. The mosquito bus (most of them made in Singapore) derived its name from the hectic way it flitted in and out of mainstream traffic. Drivers tried to cover their routes as fast as they could so as to make more trips. At the time, commuters had to put up with the mosquito buses as they offered routes that were not covered by the main bus operators. (source: 1) The buses were used to ferry kids to and from Sze Hua Methodist kindergarten.

Back to school, anyone? Don't miss the bus ... I mean, the Mosquito.

1. Early Transport Modes 


长竹 said...

可否知道那间《百盛戏院》是在Repok Road的哪里吗?目前的《两毛钱》处?那天我在公民中心楼下问那些马来同胞管理员,他们都摇头说不知道。

Daniel Yiek said...

Long Bamboo,
百勝 Bai Sheng cinema was at the location of Oriental Hotel, opposite Rex cinema(now Dua Puluh Sen store)

Click "Cinemas" on sidebar and you will see a post on Rex and Bai Sheng. It's not 百盛 because you can see the characters 百勝 clearly in the picture when you click to enlarge.

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