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News - Sarikei SMK St Anthony's School - New Hall Donation Drive

Sarikei SMK St Anthony's School
Proposed New School Hall
Front view, Facing Kampung
The 1960 Science Block is on the left (with cross)

Do you remember the school assembly days at the open air space facing Repok Road? Then the school principal addressed the students by standing on a school desk. Have you ever wondered who was the unfortunate kid that had to use the desk after that? Have you ever had al fresco extra curricular activities cancelled because of the fierce heat or tropical rain?

Sarikei SMK St Anthony's School
Proposed New School Hall

Back view, Facing basketball court

Fret not, now there's a proposed double-storey school hall to be constructed at the empty space at the back facing the kampung (village). St Anthony's School buildings have always depended on private donations because the school is not 100% funded by the government. Do you recall those tedious walkatons and donation forms that you had to pass around your relatives for RM$1, $2, $5 and $10 donations?

Sarikei SMK St Anthony's School
Proposed New School Hall

Ground Floor Plan

Remember that none of us has actually paid for the full cost of our education. We have benefitted from contributions from previous years - whether from private or public funds. I had to go on the recycled school textbooks scheme in primary school. It was not the nicest feeling to use old books when my classmates were using new ones but I was grateful for the assistance rendered.

Sarikei SMK St Anthony's School
Proposed New School Hall

First Floor Plan

Can someone inform St Anthony's School staff that the donation form has disappeared from the download page. I will also write to the school email address. Once I have it, I will update this here. Meanwhile, for donations, please contact

  • Address: SMK St. Anthony, P. O. Box 74, Repok Road, 96100 Sarikei, Sarawak, Malaysia.
  • Telephone: +6-084-651363,
  • Fax: +6-084-659006,
  • Email:

I know ex-Anthonians can find their way to school even if blindfolded but how many of you know the email address and P. O. Box after all these years? C'mon, take a lie detecor test!


nelson said...

it's good to hear that SAS is going to have a hall to hold activities like the weekly assembly without worrying about rain or the scorching radiation.

btw:how much is the total cost for that project?

Daniel Yiek said...

Can someone help Nelson on the ques of the total cost? I think ex-Anthonians who went to the alumni dinner in Dec'08 would know as the alumni is helping with the donation drive.

Desmond Chen said...

correction it around 2 million for the school hall

fred said...

another project eh.. looks like new batch is getting pampered. sign of improvement in quality of life? nothing beat standing in the morning sun while listening to someone talking nonsense :)

I will be donating my lunch money for this. and let see if they allow me to use the hall next time.

Pearl said...

Yes, I missed those days marching under the hot sun in my Girl Guides uniform! as well as the assembly and annual school prize-giving for top achievers (I'm not one of them, of course)

I thought it's nice to keep it open air feel... I feel the school currently have too much built-up areas...and so little open space, especially in the front of the school. Perhaps this area should be turned into a green lawn, and have the school hall at the back of the school (facing the kampong area).
Just my thoughts

sjen`Qilin said...

Not having a hall is in fact a blessing in disguise.. Why? When it rains.. you don't have Assembly~~~ YEAHHH~~~ Don't tell me there are actually ppl who like Assembly.. i for one.. hated it.. even as a school prefect.. it's tiring and it's hot and mostly what they say are irrelevant and are just nag.. but those were the good old days... and not having assembly is a big hurray for everybody.. hahah.. but with the new hall.. no doubt the new batch anthonians will have better infrastructure for sports activities too..

sjen`Qilin said...

and oh ya.. i still have fond memories being a prefect doing my round looking for student who skip assemblies.. i once found one of nelson's fren... hiding in the toilet squating down... hahaha.. i didnt send him to the pk but instead help him escape other prefects.. (it's also because he is my fren too)

Daniel Yiek said...

SARIKEI: St Anthony Secondary School Ex-Students Association (Association) will hold a dinner gathering cum incentive award ceremony at Hua Hua Restaurant here on Nov 9.

Association members, former students, former and serving teachers of the school are welcome to the gathering scheduled to begin at 6.30pm, association chairman Chen Tai Huong said during a press conference at a restaurant here yesterday.

Attendance is free but participants need to register with the organiser, he said.

“As the association is sponsoring the gathering, it has to register the participants to facilitate preparation of food (catering) and drawing up of programme for the night,” he explained.

To register, they could call him at 019-8566017 or organising chairlady Emily Tan (019-8270179).

They hope to raise money to meet the remaining cost of the almost completed new SMK St Anthony’s hall, he said.

School Hall Building Committee chairman Frederick Wong Kung Kuong, who was also present at the press conference, said they were still short of over RM100,000 to settle the full cost of the project.

According to him, the total cost of the project is RM2.7 million, but so far they have managed to raise some RM2.5 million.

Contributions could be channelled directly into the account of the schools management board (Hong Leong Bank Bhd A/C No. 02000083630) or handed over to the principal, who can be reached at 084-651363; Association chairman Chen Tai Huong (084-651920, 019-8566017), PTA chairperson Ummu Hani Junaidi (019-8891301) or Wong at 019-8863377.

Alternatively, donations from overseas can be paid into the SAS Fund raising Committee RHB Account No. 1-11119-7300337-6 at Sarikei via swift code: RHBMYKLXXX, Wong added.

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