Sunday, January 11, 2009

Scenes - Sarikei Pasar Malam coming soon.

Sarikei Banner: Night Market stalls to let, Jan'09
Source: Desmond Chen

Where do you go on a night out in Sarikei? Besides sipping your teh-si beng (ice milked tea) with your friends in a kopitiam or nursing a beer in a pub, night life is limited. The cinemas and the open air food stalls (at Merdeka Park) used to be the epic centres of night life in the 1970s but both had closed.

Sarikei Night Market stalls to let, Jan'09
Wharf Road
Source: Desmond Chen

This abandoned warehouse at Wharf Road will be a vegetables and meat market but akan datang (coming soon) on 15 Jan'09 is a pasar malam (night market) on the outside in the open air. This is likely to operate 4-10pm and will be good for tourism.

Naylong! Naylong! Cheap sale!


长竹 said...


- k.arifin - said...

wah, i can't wait to have pasar malam in the town soon. send us more picture when it start after this. i enjoy read ur blog.

nelson said...

reviving pasar malam in sarikei is a good idea for both economy and tourism.

btw, any flood in sarikei?

Daniel Yiek said...

Yes, there's flooding from sarikei from the non-stop monsoon rain. Will blog on this in the next post.

K Arifin,

Long Bamboo,
Hopefully this Pasar Malam works out because it depends on the take up rate by the hawkers.

sarawakiana said...

The micro culture of pasar malam is rather unique and success can be attributed to some unusual factors. For example Pasar Malam can be very successful in parts of KL and Singapore but fail terribly in Miri!!

So I hope Sarikei will have all it takes to make Pasar Malam a success. Samuelson's theory of supply and demand may ring true vis-a-vis local culture and attitudes.

Mohd Yunus' micro-credit idea might help determined night market operators succeed!!

I love night markets.

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