Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Festivals - Sarikei CNY 2009

Sarikei Jalan Masjid Lama, Jan 2009
View from Sugar Bun
Find the 2 new shop blocks

It's yet another lunar new year. I travelled by car from Kuching to Sarikei. The road and traffic condition was great on CNY's eve and we managed to reach home in 5.5 hours. (On the way back to Kuching, there was flooding at Serian.)

This year, the festive lights along Jalan Masjid Lama has doubled with 2 almost parallel rows of lights (see picture). Around 100-200 swallows were spotted hanging out on these electricity cables. It's definitely not like the thousands that swarmed Sarikei in the 1970s.

Sarikei CNY 2009 Lion Dance
A shoulder to stand on
Friendship Road

I met some of my blog readers and they didn't recognise me. They said I looked heavier in the profile picture and asked me to update my picture. Well, Sarikei is the star of this blog while I should be in the background penning the journey so it's not important to know who I am. Sometimes I add personal anecdotes to make the posts lighter to read rather than just writing dry facts.

Sarikei CNY 2009 Lion Dance
Ear plugs please.
Friendship Road.

I managed to collect new content for 2009. Hint: I met an 81-year old ex-Anthonian teacher, found old black and white pictures in his family album and interviewed a star sportsman of Sarikei. How long can this blog last? Frankly, I don't know. The answer is when the content runs out sometime this year.

Sarikei Fireworks, Jan 2009
The day after.
Spotted along residential areas.

There were less fireworks and firecrackers compared to last year but still, the party started at around 11.45pm on CNY's eve with a bang for half an hour. Turn up the volume for the 37-second video below filmed at Nyelong Park.

Have a good new lunar year. Happy 牛 year!


Daniel Yiek said...

I'm surprised by the 50+ readers per day who continue to come back to read comments and older posts when I was away on hols in Sarikei.

Welcome to all new readers who left comments and readers who sent in corrections to my blog!

I'm touched by one email from a new reader who said that he will try to preserve what's left of his historic Wharf Road shop facade after reading this blog. I hope more will try to preserve what's left of our heritage.

nelson said...

i was in kl for cny 2009 and the atmosphere at the stroke of 12 midnight was so calm and kinda strange unlike sarawak's cny which is so happening.

regarding the lifeline of sarikei time capsule, maybe any sarikei news can be published here too in future.

Desmond Chen said...

Hi Daniel nice to see u too, u n ur brother looks very alike.
looking forward to see more what u have dig up.... when u back here

edulink said...

Hai All. words cannot express my thoughts after seeing only some of the old photos of SAS. Kinda of miss those early days...kudos to all who contribute .....

By the way, may i have the correspondence or contact telephone number of the Indian Teachers who has left us?


ATHONIAN 1979-1983

BurungHelang said...

The new year atmosphere in Sarikei is one of its kind and can only be envied from afar.

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