Monday, February 16, 2009

Scenes - Sarikei CNY 2009 Funfair

Sarikei CNY 2009 Funfair at Wharf Road
Go and nail it, baby!

Loud throbbing music drew me to the former godown at Wharf Road where the front open air area was supposed to be the new pasar malam (night market). It was day time and there were 4 typical funfair type of stalls with bored attendants as there were hardly any customers in the heat. Was it popular at night?

Sarikei CNY 2009 Funfair at Wharf Road
Now don't duck and let me hook you!

I think there's no funfair this year at the Nyelong River area like the previous years. We should revive the Chinese New Year singing contest that was held annually at the old basketball stadium at Market Road before it was torn down. The competition was wildly popular in the 1970s.

Sarikei CNY 2009 Funfair at Wharf Road
Watch the hole!

The contest yielded a local singing sensation, Janet Lee Chai Fong, that became a Malaysian idol with her own cassette releases. Janet is now based in Sarikei after marrying the son of the shopowner of 新星 Sing Sing (next to the burnt down Cathay cinema).

Sarikei CNY 2009 Funfair at Wharf Road
Roll your ball!

There was another Sarikei Chinese singer who made it big in Malaysia in 2007 called Stella Chung Siaw Yih 钟晓玉 . Maybe we should write a post on Janet Lee of the cassette generation and Stella Chung from the iPOD era.


Anonymous said...

Noisy funfair doesn't care about others sleeping at night one should complain LoL

长竹 said...


Philip said...

In the 1970's, CNY used to have lots of fire crackers and cinema used to be full. Not sure now.

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