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Scenes - Sarikei Sebangkoi Deer Farm. Part II

Sarikei Sebangkoi Deer Farm, 2008
Source: Ling Chin Ming

Doe, a deer, a female deer. Don't just concentrate on the singing or else you will miss this obscure sign (now faded after 1 year) across the road from Sebangkoi Rimba waterfall park. It was CNY's eve and we decided to try our luck to buy some venison on the way from Kuching to Sarikei. Luck was not on our side as the owner was on CNY leave. The 2 friendly Iban caretakers would not let us visit the deer pen but we could see the curious deer peering at us from the distance.

Sarikei Sebangkoi Deer Farm, 2009
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This will be part of the Sarikei stop for the tourists of the luxury cruise. At the reception area next to the farm house, this hand drawn map shows the size of this farm which has about 600 deer now. It started with 60 deers imported from Australia. If I don't recall wrongly, the deer will need 3 years to mature before they can be slaughtered.

Can someone in Sarikei help the owner correct the grammar of the newly added blue text for plots 16 ("Male for Marketing") and plots 5, 8 ("Night for deer sleep shed")?

Sarikei Sebangkoi Deer Farm, 2009

Sarikei Sebangkoi Deer Farm, 2009

This farm had garnered a lot of local publicity. The numerous press clips were proudly displayed. This reception area needs to be improved because it looked very dusty and weather beaten in the open air display.

Sarikei Sebangkoi Deer Farm, 2009

Oh, they even sell pre-packaged animal feed. Maybe you can buy some to feed your pets.

Sarikei Sebangkoi Deer Farm, 2009

On closer look, it's the by product of the deer. Good idea but I will pass on this. Thank you very much. After all, it was Chinese New Year's eve.


About 20 minutes drive from Sibu, the Sebangkoi deer farm produces not onlyvenison, but also deer horn for the Chinese medicine trade, which can be worth asmuch as RM1,000 per kg. Visitors are welcome by appointment; call Mr Ting Sing Fee, Tel: +6 (084) 654573


nelson said...

visits to prawn and fish farms are also interesting, in fact visits to factories like saw mills (in which sarikei has a lot to offer) can be once-in a life experience for tourists too.

Daniel Yiek said...

I'm looking for the reader who is a Sarikei tour agent. You came to look for me some time back. My family in Sarikei said they have lost the name card.

Pls email pictures and tour itinerary to and I will be glad to do a post to promote your agency's tours of Sarikei.

BurungHelang said...

They should consider exporting the deer manure to Australia and make a fortune.

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