Saturday, February 28, 2009

Scenes - Sarikei Tattoo Artist and Body Piercing

Sarikei Loh's Tattoo Shop, 2009

Some of the things that fascinate tourists to Sarawak are the myriad cultures and the legendary tales of the Iban headhunters. If you walk through the more systematic Nyelong River market in Sarikei, you can see the rural folks displaying their vegetables and fruits. For the culture vultures that venture into Sarawak, they would prefer to see the chaotic street side hawkers at Bank Road bus terminal. The hawkers are there early in the morning till early afternoon.

Sarikei Loh's Tattoo Shop, 2009
Certificates on display

Some of the things to observe at the market are the intricate tattoos on the wrinkled skins of the older Ibans. In the metropolitans of the world, tribal tattoo is back in vogue. I think this is something to offer to the tourists as a souvenir so yours truly put on the tourist hat and hunted for the tattoo shop.

Sarikei Loh's Tattoo Shop, 2009
Magazine clips on display

The tattoo shop is hidden behind a clothing store. The shop is in the same block as the famed Hung Kiew Kee restaurant facing Merdeka Park. The name card says:

Loh's Tatoo Artist & Piercing
9 Berjaya Road,
Sarikei 96100, Sarawak, East Malaysia.
Tel: +6 084 651 225

Sarikei Loh's Tattoo Shop
Ah Ching at work on a Canadian

Sarikei Loh's Tattoo Shop quiet.

Most of you would recognise Mr Loh (nicknamed Ah Ching) from the former 協順 Hiap Soon general store at No. 14 Wharf Road. He said he has a strong interest in tattoo and started his tattoo business in 1983. He travelled to several countries to get tattoo certificates which are displayed on the wall of his shop. He specialises in Japanese Yakuza tattoos and the Canadian in the above picture travelled to Sarikei to seek his services some time ago. Ah Ching has picked up tribal and contemporary tattoo skills as well.

Sarikei Loh's Tattoo Shop

I browsed through the photo albums of his customers and took a few snaps of his works. I contemplated doing a small tattoo on some hidden part of my body to prove to my friends that I could still be so darn cool and hip. I chickened out and hurried off to Hung Kiew Kee restaurant to say hello to Ah Cheong, the towkay (boss).

Sarikei Loh's Tattoo Shop

Are you game enough for a tattoo from Sarikei in the heart of Borneo?


sarawakiana said...

Ouch. This is deliciously interesting!! I must never bring any teenagers to Sarikei now!!

But any way your photos are very very revealing.

Never knew that Sarikei has a mini Miami Ink!!

Gillian Perrett said...

I'm afraid I got my tatoo in Kuching. The photos are here:

Mr Loh said...

hi, i'm the tattoo owner of this shop. I recently just sign up for blogspot. Here is my blog :
Drop by and check my latest workart. Thanks

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