Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Scenes - Sarikei Weather Beaten Buildings

The harsh tropical climate has taken its toll on some of the landmark buildings in Sarikei. With the halo effect of the luxury cruises starting in July 2009, tourism is expected to grow with publicity and word of mouth. It's okay to leave our heritage buildings with a weather beaten look but we should maintain the newer landmarks.

Sarikei Rejang Wharf Terminal 1, 2009

Imagine tourists disembarking at the Rejang River and they see mould and plants growing at the top of Terminal 1. We also need more rubbish bins at Terminal 1 due to the huge number of rural folks waiting for their boats. The floor at the front of Terminal 1 needs to be repaired. Then the tourists walk towards the pineapple statue. On the way there, they pass by the clock tower and see that the commemorative plaque has been stolen by scrap metal thieves.

Hopefully the Sarikei map at Terminal 2 has been updated. What about putting more maps around downtown? Do people know how to get to Nyelong River Esplanade and the Nyelong markets?

Sarikei Civic Centre, 2009

Then as they zoom into the landmark building, the Civic Centre, with its ethnic inspired roof, *gasp*, they see a gaping hole at the roof where rain can pour in.

If you walk around Merdeka Park, it's not a pretty sight anymore compared to its glory days when it was just completed.

Will the Sarikei travel agent who came to look for me some time back, please email me as I don't have your card. I will be glad to do a post on your tour packages if you can email me details and pictures.

The tourists are coming (hopefully it's sustainable). What else can you think of for improvement?


nelson said...

tourism in sarikei is still a dormant thing.

regarding the maintenance, overall in Malaysia, it sucks big time. Even the offices in Putra Jaya are leaking and recently our PM was trapped in the lift for 1/2 hr.

until now, i still dun hear any news on the preparations of sarikei town and folks in the anticipation of tourists from pandaw except for some roti bakar, tumpi and rojak. sarikeians and their politicians alike have a lot of homeworks to do.

kk said...

Most people in Malaysia has no concept of building maintenance.

Even in China, that "bird nest" olympic stadium in Beijing needs something like over US$8 million per year just for maintenance...Chinese might turn it into a flea market and let it rot very soon as no sport team can cough up that much money

Daniel Yiek said...

27 Feb 2009

By Michael Chiew

SARIKEI: The Sarawak Forestry Department continues to make good its pledge to clean the State of illegal swiftlet farming when it launched its first operation here yesterday afternoon.
Headed by its Chief Enforcement Officer, Nicholas Sebastian, the raiding party also included the police and personnel from the Land & Survey Department.
They managed to close down four swiftlet rearing farms operating along Jalan Nyelong, Jalan Kubu and Jalan Central.
The operation attracted a large crowd of people who saw how the enforcement officers removed the nests and other gadgets from the four illegal farms.
Members of the Sarikei District Swiftlets’ Farming Association were also present to render their assistance. No untoward incident was reported.
It is understood that the operation would resume today as there were many more outlets to cover across the town center.

BurungHelang said...

I am not against swiftlet housing but commonsense tells me that swiftlet houses and human houses should not be placed in close proximity unless the people has developed a taste for swiftlet another byproduct=dropping.

Anonymous said...

I think the mindset is just spend big money, build "big" infra-structure and building, then leave them to rot. Good example is the KL airport.....The "software" is never there....way to waste the tax-payer money

Anonymous said...

our beloved civic centre got a gaping hole?!
time for a new one, i say.

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