Thursday, February 19, 2009

Scenes - Sarikei Wholesale Centre at Wharf Road

Sarikei Wholesale Centre, Wharf Road 2009

The former godown at Wharf Road is now defunct for good reasons. In the old days up to the 1990s, the pan Borneo highway from Kuching to Sarikei left much to be desired. There were unpaved sections and for the tarred sections, poor maintenance led to potholes everywhere.

Hence the default option was for foreign ships (eg from Singapore) to sail up the Rejang River and clear customs at this godown. What do you mean you are not aware that they need to clear customs? Remember the dried persimmons, preserved dried fruits, red sugary cuttlefish, butter, apples, CNY cabbages, mandarin oranges, waxed ducks, sausages, etc?

Sarikei Wholesale Centre, Wharf Road 2009

Now the roads have improved and it makes more sense to clear customs in Kuching and then transport the rest to Sarikei by road in 6-7 hours by lorries, etc. The area outside the warehouse is allocated for the night market. Inside the godown is the new wholesale centre for fruits and vegetables which opened on 15 Jan 2009. There were a few stalls there already.

Sarikei Wholesale Centre, Wharf Road 2009

There's a neat kopitiam at the end. I give high marks for the river view, breeze and high ceiling. Not many people have discovered this kopitiam yet. Let's keep this our secret chill out rendezvous.

Sarikei Wholesale Centre, Wharf Road 2009

Towkay, kopi-O! (Boss, black coffee please)


nelson said...

a bridge across the river will beautify the scene too.

nelson said...

Eastern Times

Pak Lah given warm welcome in Sarikei

By Michael Chiew

SARIKEI : Sarikei residents yesterday gave Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi a warm welcome.
Abdullah was here to officially launch the Tanjong Manis Halal Hub which has been earmarked as the giant economic growth and development impetus of the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE).
At Tanjong Manis, Abdullah also witnessed the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation (STIDC) and foreign investors. Mustafa bin Hamdan thanked the Prime Minister for taking time to visit Tanjong Manis, especially for the official launching of the halal hub that will provide new business opportunities for local Bumiputeras.
“We would also like to appeal to the government to look into the possibility of providing a linking access road for the convenience of people travelling between Sarikei and Tanjong Manis,” he said.
Permanca Edward Ladin also thanked the Prime Minister for visiting Sarikei and at the same time wished him good health and long life.
“May he continue to guide the nation even after he steps down as the Prime Minister. His decades of experience as a leader will be of great value to the younger generation of politicians,” he said.
Kapitan Sia Jie Ming considered the launching of the halal hub as a means of boosting up the nation’s economy.
“We will have more jobs and equal business opportunities for the multi-racial people in the country,” he said, believing the nation would be moving forward positively to attain a developed nation status by 2020.

Kelupu said...

WOW, Clean floor and clean chairs.
The chairs they have at " King Centre" over at Kuching are disgusting. They are dirty and sticky.

Kenny Ngu said...

too bad. i'm not around :O)

Daniel Yiek said...

Post mortem of the barge accident at Nyelong River Bridge => looks like no major damage. See new news clip pasted in that post. Scroll down.

Buwau98 said...

Thanks for the info.Flying Swallow was the fastest one that ply the Sarikei-Sibu route.

nelson said...

thank for the bridge news, daniel. follow ups are good but normally ppl ignore them.

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