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Scenes - Sarikei Pala Munsoh Waterfalls and Longhouse

Sarikei Pala Munsoh Falls trekking, 2008
Morning Mist
Source: Sarawak Destiny

Pala Munsoh Waterfalls has been touted as a potential new tourist destination. I was as perplexed as some readers on how to reach the waterfalls. Then I stumbled on the information when I was googling for something else.

Sarikei longhouse Rumah Nyuka, Lubuk Lemba, 2008
Source: Sarawak Destiny

The longhouse, Rumah Nyuka at Lubuk Lemba has their own website, Sarawak Destiny, (Update website is down) that was developed with the help of Rudy Anoi, the executive officer of Sarawak Tourism Board in Sibu.

Sarikei longhouse Rumah Nyuka, Lubuk Lemba, 2008
Source: Sarawak Destiny


If you visit the longhouse, you can try their local delicacies including
  • manuk pansuh (bamboo chicken) flavoured with tapioca leaves
  • bamboo shoots
  • tapioca pastry
  • penyaram, a traditional cake

Sarikei longhouse Rumah Nyuka, Lubuk Lemba, 2008 - bembang
Source: Sarawak Destiny

This longhouse was built around 1954 and has 43 families in their bilik. The roof and supporting structure are made from Sarawak hardwood belian. The Lubuk Lemba River with cool clear water runs in front of the longhouse.

You can find hand made reed mats (bembang) rolled up in the longhouse. I own a queen size mat like this (bought in Sarikei from an Iban). It has amazing cooling ability.

Sarikei longhouse Rumah Nyuka, Lubuk Lemba, 2008 - tajau
Source: Sarawak Destiny

Sarikei longhouse Rumah Nyuka, Lubuk Lemba, 2008 - lanji
Source: Sarawak Destiny

There are huge urns called tajau. What are they used to store? The big woven baskets called lanji are used to store rice, correct? Can someone also translate Lubuk Lemba and "SELAMAT DATAI NEMUAI NGAGAI MENUA KAMI" ("Welcome to our village")

Sarikei wild orchids among other flora, 2008
Source: Sarawak Destiny

And now for the directions:
  • Drive along Sarikei-Betong pan-Borneo Highway
  • Exit Bayong junction
  • After driving a while, you will reach a T-junction. Do not go straight to Gerugu Dam but turn right to the longhouse.
  • Total 17km scenic drive on paved road (with hills in the background) to reach Rumah Nyuka longhouse at Lubuk Lemba, Ulu Sarikei
  • There are 3 trails. Bring your hats and drinking water as the trails are not very shaded.
  1. Pala Munsoh Trail - 2.5 hrs to and fro. Ending at Pala Munsoh falls
  2. Pau Trail - 1 hr to and fro. Ending at a rock ledge between 2 falls
  3. Ruan Trail - for trekking

    Sarikei Pala Munsoh Waterfalls

    The reward? A waterfall with four vertical drops for a splashing cool time.

    Facebook Group. Click here.

    Tel: +6019-4687518
    Email: eqqthh8107@yahoo.com   
    Address: C/O Rh. Nyuka Ak. Itam, Lubuk Lemba, Ulu Sarikei, 96100 Sarikei, Sarawak 

    Home stay at Bayong longhouse


    sarawakiana said...

    I need help for Iban terminology eg - the rattan anyaman on the parang - the word for parang handle. What is the Iban word for the scabbard or sheath of the parang?
    Could anyone come up with a nice vocabulary list?

    This is a really nice longhouse!

    Daniel Yiek said...

    By Mary Francis
    The Borneo Post Online

    Publication an effort to preserve, bring language to higher level: Producer

    MIRI: An Iban dictionary, believed to be the first of its kind, is expected to be ready by the end of this year. [note: 2008]

    It is a product of Pegari Iban Production (PIP) based here.

    PIP managing director Johnny Chuat, in an interview with The Borneo Post yesterday, said this was the company’s biggest publication so far.

    “The idea to produce this dictionary was mooted in line with our effort to preserve and expand the Iban language,” he said.

    According to Johnny, the Iban dictionary will be different from the other dictionaries as it will focus on giving a better understanding and interpretation of concise Iban words in the Iban language itself.

    Although there were many dictionaries produced, like the Iban-Melayu and Iban-English dictionaries, there was no Iban dictionary, he said, reiterating that it was why they came up with the idea to produce one.

    To his knowledge, he said, as of now only the Iban-English dictionary compiled by Anthony Richard and the Iban-Melayu dictionary compiled by Harry Usup Umbar had been produced.

    Johnny said the production of the dictionary, which was done in collaboration with his partner Nalong Buda, started about five years ago and was now 80 per cent completed.

    “The book will have more than 10,000 words, especially those concerning Iban culture and custom,” he said.

    To a question, Johnny said for a start, they would print some 10,000 copies, and they would be distributed to bookshops in Sarawak, Labuan, Peninsular Malaysia and Brunei.

    “We expect the dictionary to hit the shelves by early next year,” he said.

    He believed the publication would help give a better understanding and knowledge of the Iban language, particularly among the younger generation with regard to words in their mother tongue which were seldom used.

    The Iban dictionary will be the third product of the company, and the other two publications are two novels – ‘Kemayang Pengerindu’ and ‘Gerempung Jerita Tuai Bansa Iban’ (by the Iban Legendary Group).

    Besides the novels, PIP, established in 2002 has also produced two magazines, ‘Pegari’ with a concept on Iban culture and ‘Senawah’ focusing on entertainment news relating to Iban artistes in Sarawak.

    sarawakiana said...

    Thanks Daniel. Remarkable research and info searching skills!!

    Nelson said...

    kepala musuh is worthvisitng.

    Where to get these dictionaries?

    Daniel Yiek said...

    I have not seen this new Iban dictionary at Kuching bookshops but I saw the earlier Iban-English dictionary compiled by Anthony Richard in KCH bookstores

    Al-Mualim Shah @ Dino~ said...

    pala munsoh waterfalls?
    waaa..i never been there even tho im a Sarikians

    fred said...

    welcome to our village/country/place/area.

    Menua can mean a lot but in that context, should be "welcome to our longhouse/village"

    annie said...

    Has anyone have been to Rumah Nyuka, Lubuk Lemba? Is the place open to public at anytime or just during Hari Gawai ? Is there any contact number ?

    Daniel Yiek said...

    Tel: +6019-4687518
    Email: eqqthh8107@yahoo.com
    Address: C/O Rh. Nyuka Ak. Itam, Lubuk Lemba, Ulu Sarikei, 96100 Sarikei, Sarawak

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