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Food - Sarikei Hung Kiew Kee Restaurant. Part 2

Sarikei Hung Kiew Kee Restaurant 2009
Deep fried prawns (L); Sweet and Sour Pork (R)

Sarikei food trail? Let your hunger pangs lead you to Hung Kiew Kee Restaurant 馮球記酒樓 at No. 6 Berjaya Road (facing Merdeka Park). Its legendary Cantonese cuisine had fed revellers of Sarikei over the decades. I popped by during their wedding banquet preparation.

Sarikei Hung Kiew Kee Restaurant 2009
Vegetarian Abalone slices

Sarikei's Iron Chef, Ah Kow, started working for an early Foochow restaurant, Man Nan Lou, at No.22 Repok Rd. Later Ah Kow and his dad, Mr Fung Kiew Kee, started Hung Kiew Kee at the back of No. 9 Repok Road, Kiew Lok kopitiam 僑樂園茶室. It moved to No. 6 Berjaya Road in Aug 1982. Ah Kow had hung up his wok in the late 1990s and his son, Ah Cheong, has taken over the apron. It is still affectionately known as Ah Kow's restaurant.

Sarikei Hung Kiew Kee Restaurant
Braised Pig Trotters

One of its famous dishes is the braised pig trotters, normally served before the carbohydrate dish (noodle or rice) in a wedding banquet. The meat is sinfully rich and so smooth that you can just slurp it down.

Sarikei Hung Kiew Kee Restaurant
Shark's Fin

A legacy dish from the old wedding days is the shark's fin soup. We have to stop ordering shark's fin soup and replace it with alternatives. There should not be any loss of face for its absence from the menu. If you announce on the menu that you are saving sharks from the cruelty of fin harvesting, your guests will appreciate wildlife conservation. If there's no demand, there will be no supply.

Sarikei Gold Coin Skewered Pork Recipe
Source: Sarikei Cantonese Association 122th Anniversary magazine.

Their signature dish is arguably the Gold Coin 金錢 skewered pork. It's made of alternating slices of fat pork, pork liver and lean pork sprinkled with sesame seeds (or peanut powder). The fat pork has to be marinated in sugar for 6 hours and then with pepper, five spice powder, garlic, raw ginger juice and Martell liquor for two hours. The lean pork and liver slices have to be marinated for two hours with sugar, salt, MSG, soya sauce, pepper, five spice powder, garlic and liquor. The skewered meat has to be roasted for one hour.

Sarikei Hung Kiew Kee Restaurant
Gold Coin Skewered Pork

Don't start your gold rush to the restaurant without ordering in advance unless you want to try you luck on a banquet day. Now who coined the name, Gold Coin, for this dish?


nelson said...

i like their 'meat balls' and fried rice.

Daniel Yiek said...

Can someone help to translate the 3 Chinese words in the recipe picture of the Gold Coin. The 3 words (Raw "something" juice/syrup) are between Martell Liquor and garlic in the recipe.

Daniel Yiek said...

Eastern Times, 22 April

River cruise vessel to arrive May 1


SIBU: The vessel for the Pandaw Rajang River Cruise will arrive here on May 1.
Hotel Director, Alexander Scheible in an email yesterday, said the vessel, which had been used in similar cruise in Cambodia, was on its way to the State.
“The vessel will arrive in Sibu on May 1,” he added.
On arrival here, the vessel will berth at Kingwood Hotel wharf where necessary preparatory works will be done on the vessel before the maiden cruise on the Rajang River on July 1. The preparatory works included general cleaning and maintenance of the vessel and repainting.
This colonial style boutique vessel can only carry 60 passengers at any one time.
The Pandaw Rajang River Cruise is scheduled for the 1st, 10th and 20th of each month or three trips every month to places like Kanowit, Song, Kapit, Balleh, Sarikei and Tanjung Manis.
The response to the cruise has been overwhelming since its launching on February 6 in London.
To date, some 1,200 tourists from Europe, England, Germany and France had booked and confirmed for the cruise scheduled from July to December this year.
Each passenger is charged RM2,500 for the nine-day cruise on the Rajang River.

Ivy said...

Daniel, I believe the 3 words are "Raw Ginger Juice" from the ingredients.

Daniel Yiek said...

Thanks! I used a Chinese dictionary to confirm that it's ginger. Have updated the post. Pardon my hesitant Mandarin as I came from St Anne's School but I'm glad that I continued Mandarin as an extra subject in St Anthony's. :)

Nelson said...

Fire leaves over 200 homeless

Eastern Times

PAKAN: More than 200 residents of the 27-door Rumah Sedau Empali, Jagoi, were made homeless after a fire completely gutted the wooden longhouse structure at 11.30 am yesterday.
The affected occupants were unable to salvage any of their belongings. The fire was believed to have started from one of the kitchens. It spread so quickly that the whole wooden structure was completely razed to the ground in a short time. It was reported that no one was hurt during the fire at Rumah Sedau Empali, located about one kilometre away from the main town of Pakan. But, a passenger van, a Proton car and several motorcycles were destroyed by the fire.
Two fire engines, from Sarikei and Merdong, and 10 firemen came to help put out the fire.
Minister of Social Development and Urbanisa-tion, Dato Sri William Mawan Ikom, visited the site of the fire and announced a relief fund of RM30,000 to assist the fire victims.
Accompanied by Pakan District Officer, Inting Nyami, Mawan, who is also Pakan Assemblyman, conveyed the grant through his aides after acknowledging the hardship faced by the fire victims.
Many of the longhouse folk broke down in tears when they saw their homes destroyed and could do nothing to stop the fire.

Pakan ppl are our fellow Sarikieans too. It is sad that Pakan and Julau are always unheard of except for calamities.

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