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People - Sarikei Volleyball Star Albert Chua Kwang Chung

1983 Sarawak Youth Volleyball
Sarikei Gold Medal (held in Bintulu)

Serve, volley, set, smash! Watch out! It's Sarikei's volleyball star of the 1980s and early 1990s, Albert Chua Kwang Chung 蔡冠壯 ("Ah Chuang") unleashing one of his cannon ball smash.

1983 Sarawak Open Volleyball Best Player (held in Sibu)

Kwang Chung stood out as a sports person ever since he was a primary school kid at St. Anne's School and later at St. Anthony's Secondary School. He was from the Form 5 class of 1982. He's one head above his peers at 6 ft tall and he played with the older folks when he was a teenager.

1986 - 1st SUKMA (Sukan Malaysia)
Volleyball - Sarawak Gold Medal

Chua Kwang Chung is a 3rd generation descendant of the Hokkien pioneer who set up the shop 金成安 Kim Seng Ang in one of the wooden shops along Wharf Road. 金成安 Kim Seng Ang later moved to No. 3 Wharf Road.

Both his parents were basketball players in the 1950s. His mother represented Sarikei to play in West Malaysia and Singapore. He started playing volleyball at 10 years old with St Anne's School teacher, Teng Pang Yu, as a coach. Yes, those tender hands hurt so much then even when serving.

Kwang Chung went on to represent St Anne's Primary School and St Anthony's Secondary School in various sports but it was in volleyball that he found his calling. If you had the privilege to watch his volleyball matches in the school days, you know he's just too good for the other kids.

Sarawak is known for both her male and female volleyball team. Can you remember those tall Sibu national stars that paraded in town in the 1970s for the Sarawak inter division volleyball contest? I recall the guy Shi Gin (spelling?) and the impressive lady Shi Bai Sheng (spelling?). Can someone write the Chinese characters for these two names? They were awe inspiring.

Kwang Chung trained under state and national coach Mr. Lau Nai Meng from Sibu, Mr. Sho Ah Wan from West Malaysia and two Japanese coaches (one national and one state coach).

He retired after injuring his worn out knees during a national government game in Kuching. After his knee surgery, he continued his love for the game by becoming a coach. You know he had become a star after a fan ran off with his sweaty Sarawak shirt at the 20th national volleyball championship.

Summary of his illustrious playing career

Year Represented Championship Awarded/ Personal Best
1980 Sarikei Sarawak youth in Miri
1981 Sarawak Malaysia MSSM in Ipoh
1982 Sarawak Malaysia open in Penang Gold Medal
1983 Sarikei Sarawak Open in Sibu Sarawak Best Player
1983 Malaysia 12th Sea Game in Singapore
1983 Sarikei Sarawak youth in Bintulu Gold Medal
1983 Sarawak Malaysia MAKSAK Game 1st Runner-up
1984-1988 Sarawak Malaysia MAKSAK Game 5 years Gold Medal
1984 Sarikei Sarawak youth in Kuching Gold Medal
1984 Sarawak Malaysia Youth in Pahang Gold Medal-Malaysia Best Player
1985 Sarawak Malaysia Youth in K.L Gold medal
1985 Malaysia Brunei international Invitation Game
1986 Sarawak 1st Sukma Game in K.L Gold medal
1987 Sarawak Malaysia Open in K.L (Subang) Gold Medal-Malaysia Best Player
1988 Sarawak Malaysia Open in Sarawak Gold Medal-Malaysia Best Blocker
1989 Malaysia 15th SEA Game in Malaysia
1989 Malaysia 1st Asia Pacific Invitation (Japan)
1991 Sarikei Sarawak Open in Miri Gold Medal
1996 Malaysia China Veteran Invitation in Beijing Gold Medal

Summary of his coaching contribution to Sarikei, Sarawak and Malaysia:

Year Coaching Experience
1983 Coached St.Anthony Secondary School Volleyball team
1984-1986 Coached Sarikei Youth Volleyball Team.
1987 Passed National Level Volleyball Coaching Course in Sibu.
1988 Coached SUKMA KE-2 Men's Team ( 1st Runner-up )
1988 Passed Int'l FIVB Volleyball Coaches Commission Level 1 in KL
1989 Coached the SUKMA KE-3 Women's team (Gold Medal) in Sarikei
1990 Passed FIVB Mini Volleyball Instructor Course in K.L
1991 Represented Malaysia at International Coaches Seminar
"Volleyball A Game for Youngsters" in Greece (Olympia)
1991-1996 SUKMA Pusat Cemerlang ( Volleyball Sarikei ) chief coach.
1995 Conducted Volleyball Coaching Clinic in Miri as a Instructor
for all teachers in Miri under Education Department.
1995 Coached Sarawak for Malaysia Open in Kedah. ( Silver Medal )
1996 SUKMA KE-6 in Kuantan ( Silver Medal )
1996 Coached Malaysia Girl's Team for 9th SEA Junior Women Volleyball Championship in Thailand


Anonymous said...

Sarikei Division or rather 6th Divisison was a volleyball powerhouse 2 decades ago.

Daniel Yiek said...

The 6th Division ladies team was very strong in the 1980s.

Daniel Yiek said...

I have scanned a copy of the Borneo Post article of Jakar blog post at

Anonymous said...

Apart from Sibu's Shi Pai Seng, don't forget Miri's Liew Pik Kwan who stood 178cm and Kuching's Lim Poh Choo and Tan Joo Eng

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