Monday, April 13, 2009

Scenes - Sarikei Egrets

Sarikei Egret, Betong-Sarikei road, 2008

Is this a white bird or plastic bag? If you asked this question in the 1960s, the answer is none of the above because there were no plastic bags in Sarikei until the mid 1970s and there were no white birds of this size. For wrapping, we had big jungle leaves (for meat and bean curd), old newspapers and home made newspaper bags glued with watery starch. We had swarms of black swallows that bombed Sarikei downtown with their poop.

Sarikei Egret, 2008
Source: Desmond Chen

Well, this is a cattle egret (Bubulcus ibis). They are called cattle egrets because they normally feed on insects (mainly), worms, spiders and frogs disturbed by the grazing cattle. In Sarikei, they follow those grass cutters (you know those attired like ninjas). Most of the time they feed by themselves here.

Sarikei Egret, Kampung Seberang, 2009

Egrets were originally native to parts of Southern Spain, Portugal, tropical and subtropical Africa and tropical and subtropical Asia. They have undergone a massive colonisation of the rest of the world.

It has become ubiquitous in Sarikei in the 1990s. This is a migratory bird that has made itself at home in pineapple town for good after breeding here. After all, there's plenty of food, the weather is warm and the people are warm. There are no predators here. The only bug that they can not eat here is the photography bug.


nelson said...

there's a lot along the second main road leading to town.

Daniel Yiek said...

If u are not referring to the Merudu Road, then the other main road would be Jalan Meranti (parallel to Jalan Repok)

The branch road off Jalan Meranti to the Nyelong bridge is also called Jalan Meranti.

Nelson said...

oh I didnt know that. i thought it's jalan green. nyelong by-pass is there too making it more confusing. yeah, I meant Meranti Road.

Daniel Yiek said...

It's a long road parallel to Repok Rd. The first portion is Jalan Green. Then it becomes Jalan Industri (at the junction of Jln Muhibah) and then Jalan Meranti all the way till it intersects back to Jalan Repok.

Nicole said...

I love Egrets :)
Such beautiful birds!

珊珊李 said...


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