Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Scenes - Sarikei Sunset at Rejang River

Sarikei Sunset at Rejang River, 2009
Source: Desmond Chen

Is Sarikei's sunset worth the wait at the Rejang River at around 6.30pm? You bet. Every day when the sun gets its call to retire at the Rejang River mouth, it oozes a spectacular mix of intoxicating hues.

Sarikei Sunset at Rejang River, 2009
Note the sun casting a shadow of the cloud. Great shot.
Source: Desmond Chen

In some countries, tour guides bring tourists to see sunset or sunrise and some turned out to be a so so affair but not in Sarikei. It's actually so good that it should be marketed as a tourist attraction: romancing the sun at the majestic Rejang River.

Sarikei Sunset at Rejang River, 2008
Source: Desmond Chen

At Sarikei, everyday it is a different showcase of the sun playing hide and seek with the clouds. The different molecules of gases present in the sky at that moment cause the different shades of colours. The sun initiates the shadow dancing as it traverses the fabric of the sky to the west.

Sarikei Sunset at Rejang River, 2009
Source: Desmond Chen

I would like to take this opportunity to thank every one for the support for Sarikei and its blog. I have decided to close this blog because I have run out of inspiration to continue this journey. It's very time consuming and I still have several months of unedited content and rare old pictures left. It's like running the marathon but I don't have the energy left to breast the tape. Sorry folks.

Sarikei Sunset at Rejang River, 2008
Source: Desmond Chen

Thank you.


sarawakiana said...

Thank you for the beautiful sunsets!!

Dylan said...

I just love to watch the sunset. You can't capture a more beautiful setting. It's amazing.

Al-Mualim Shah @ Dino~ said...

ahh..miss sarikei so much..

nelson said...

i can smell april fool. =)it's like Kenny Sia's last year's article on april the first!

we should THANK YOU instead! Keep it up brother! will try to supply you with photos (and ideas) whenever i have the chance to go back to serawak, kampua town(beats sibu's) specifically.

sarawakiana said...

Don't give up..remember you have to participate and finish the race. That is more important than winning the race. (Olympians!!)\

Come on!!

Superman said...

Nice sunset photos there!

- k.arifin - said...

bro, i just want to share to u the picture that i took last year from rajang river bank during sunset

we can see terminal dua there

while this, also during sunset but different place, at taman tasik

andru said...

Thanks Daniel for the nice photos of sunset. Is these type of view can be seen commonly in Sarikei at anytime of the year beside the rainy days.
Its been almost 30 years since I put my foot on Sarikei soil and after watching the sunset photos and may visit this wonderful place very soon. Maybe if I'm lucky enough I will be able to take some nice shots too.

Daniel Yiek said...


Unless it's cloudy, sunset in Sarikei is great because the sun sets towards the South China Sea and Sarikei is very close to Rejang River mouth. Most Sarikei people would be home eating dinner by then so not many local people would notice the sunset until bloggers nad facebookers started to publish pics...

2 Germans were seen photographing the sunset set this week according to my friend in Sarikei

Ah Gau said...

hi Daniel.

thanks for the nice nice sunset photo..

I always enjoyed the sunset in sarikei. and also the sunrise. They are beautiful. clear and nice

thanks for all the articles and they all have introduced sarikei to the rest of the world!!


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