Saturday, April 04, 2009

View - Sarikei Wharf at Wharf Road late 1940s

After my feeble attempt at an April Fool's joke, here's your reward for coming back. A rarely seen black and white picture. It's undated but we have ways to deduce the year.

Sarikei's concrete wharf at Wharf Road, 1947-48
Find the subsided concrete wharf.
Source: Hedda Morrison

The first wharf at the former customs and warehouse area at Wharf Road was constructed by a Singapore firm probably around 1930s. This was supposed to be a permanent concrete fixture but unfortunately the foundation wasn't sufficiently enforced. It started to subside shortly after construction. The wharf was still used over a long period even though it continued to subside gradually. Can you imagine coolies walking on a inclined platform with sacks on their back? (Source: Reader Lidasar)

Sarikei Wharf at Wharf Road, late 1940s
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Source: Prefers to remain unknown
Please do not ask me for high resolution pics (I don't have)

In the late 1940s, it was replaced with a floating wooden wharf that resembled the wooden one in front of the clock tower. During low tide, the wharf would be more inclined. This continued until improvement was made to replace the wooden floating platform with two concrete floating platforms joined together and this should be after 1955. In the early 70s, this was replaced with what you see at the custom area now. (source: Reader Lidasar)

The block on the extreme right looks like the Bank Road block (completed in 1946). With the 1947-48 picture still showing the subsided concrete wharf, we can deduce that the picture with the wooden wharf is around 1948+ since this came after the concrete wharf.


sarawakiana said...

It is a relief you are back.

STC is one of my sources of inspiration.


Daniel Yiek said...

Let the journey continue. The posts that come after this are increasingly more difficult to write as I left a lot of the difficult posts to the end.

For those that have emailed me content before, I have not forgotten them. I just need time to fit into a readable story...not just dry facts. People of this internet age have low attention span. As you may have noticed, I put pics in between text to break the monotony of text.

justin said...

My grandmother must have seen these when she was young. She was so poor she never had any photos of her past. Your blog is valueable in this manner to us.

We are Brunei-Miri family. She came from Ulu Sarikei when she was just a girl to be a baby sitter for European family.

It is a pity she passed away not long ago. But thanks. My family can see your old pictures.

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