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Scenes - Sarikei Bank Road 1950s

Cantonese entrepreneur, contractor and kapitan, 邱炳浓 Khoo Peng Loong, completed the Bank Road block in 1946. Each shop unit cost MYR$16,000. (source: Reader Lidasar).

Sarikei Bank Road, Feb 2007

Can we find out the year of this rare undated picture below? The paint of the shophouses had started to run near the roof so this was likely a few years after the 1946 completion. The last 2 shops were not repainted. This was likely to be in the 1950s, agree? Did Bank Road look like this in the 1960s?

Sarikei Bank Road, 1950s
Find the wooden windows.
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The removable swinging wooden doors of the shops were tied to the shop front pillars. That was before the days of metal doors and grills in the 1970s. Find the popular bicycles. Check out the balcony (now gone) of the old Eastern Cafe at No.1 Bank Road. The pattern of the balcony was formed with 4 hearts.

Was Bank Road barricaded then to prevent cars from driving through? What was the purpose of that huge drum on a wooden platform on the right?

The old vegetables and meat market was busy. Meat was sold at the corner of the market facing the current Payang Puri Hotel. Merdeka Road between the Bank Road block and the market had hawker stalls and was a popular place for cock fighting contests.

Find the old kampung (Malay village) with its swaying coconut palms at the location of the current bus station terminal.

Isn't this a lovely picture?


Daniel Yiek said... is closing its web publishing and hosting wesbite after 15 years. That's a long time in the internet age.

This means the Anthonian, SAS alumni and Boys Brigade websites have to migrate to another website soon.

I commented before that the Anthonian alumni website should not be using old technology (geocities). Hopefully the migration to a new website will be smooth.

Nelson said...

It's a good news then. I prefer SAS to have a better website too. How's the donation drive going on for the proposed new school hall?

Anyway, were there banks along bank roads in the past?

All I knew was that, Standard Charted existed long time ago in Sarikei and it was the only foreign bank in pineapple town until after 1997 recession, that foreign banks were not allowed to increase their number of banks in Malaysia and therefore it was relocated to Klang Valley to meet the higher demands there.

Daniel Yiek said...

I have to agree with you that the look and feel of the existing Anthonian website is almost like the mid 1990s internet era...simply because the technology, geocities, has not updated much for so long. If Yahoo cant make money out of it, they close it.

Kwang Lee Bank was at No. 22 bank Road next to the Police station.

Daniel Yiek said...

Remember the Hedda Morrison pic of a Chinese lady cooking and then having a family lunch in 1947-48? The family has been identified...thanks to Ease Chen who provided the info.

The answer is updated at

M-Knight said...

Kwang Lee Bank 1st set up in Sarikei in 1928 its 1st manager is Mr Lam Pak Kuang, he is also the 1st Kwang Lee Bank manager in sibu.
After whole of Sibu is burn down in 1928 he is send to sarikei to set up Kwang Lee Bank also the 1st manager in sarikei.

sarawakiana said...

Can you help me source a good duck farm in Sarikei?
Thanks. With photos even better.

Kanga said...

Referring to the 1950's photo, this area was the busiest place in town during morning hours in the 50-60's. Not many households have fridges so buy almost everything fresh every morning! In the 60's another block was added next to the market. By then more little stores appeared along and opposite the market. I bought my first cup of fresh soyabean drink here!

Daniel Yiek said...

After chatting with reader M Knight, here's the update:

After the great Sibu fire in 1928, the Sibu branch under Mr Lam Pak Kuang was moved to Sarikei until Sibu was rebuilt. The Sarikei branch officially opened in 1937.

I would refer your request for a duck farm to the readers.

Long time no hear. :) Thanks for the info (1960s) for the fish market block.

I found the answer to the mystery of the steamer picture shown at Pesta Nenas. For the name, year and location see

Nelson said...

Thanks for the info. Regarding banks, i think sarikei BSN needs to employ more workers manning their counters.

BTW, Perhaps all the shops in sarikei needs a website too apart from SAS. =)

Anonymous said...

You know I found M.V. Bruas at Hua Seng Sawmill in Igan, Sibu.

Now rather old and rusty, nobody care of it.

I beelive it is haunted as well

Daniel Yiek said...

Thanks, anonymous.

I have pasted your comment in the post "Sarikei to Singapore by sea 1940s-1950s"

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