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History - Sarikei High School (Sekolah Tinggi) Part 5 - 1975

I wanted to say a picture tells a thousand words. In actual fact, I don't know enough of Sekolah Tinggi to do a good write up. So enjoy the pictures and maybe some of the alumni will add further comments.

For all pictures, click to enlarge and click back arrow to come back.

The Mandarin version of the school history.
Similar to the English version posted before.

Chen Ko Ming's message, 1975
Supervisor of the School

School staff 1975 - how many do you know?

Bicycles galore - the main mode of student transport then.
It was safer to cycle along Repok Road then...

Top - Wong Yuk Sing using an abacus - the "computer" then.

How many of you can recall the canteen?

Did you look sexy in an uniform?

Extra Curricular Activities

School Sports day at the former padang
Current Civic Centre location.

Mr Sim (teacher and coach) and his proteges

The 1970s basketball and volleyball teams were very strong

Top - Yip Pau Cheng 葉寶珍 , the biggest sports star of the school
Click Sports label to read her bio.

Source of all pictures:
Ease Chen


Sarawakiana@2 said...

You could write a nice article about Madam Ngieng Hun Hee who was a great English Teacher and woman sports leader from Sarikei!

Yan said...

I remember the canteen where I had my lunch for six years! I especially remember the seniors who were so loving and caring. That formed much of my memories of Sekolah Tinggi Sarikei.

And I was to the further left in the picture of "debating society"!

Those were the days!

Yan said...

Hi, Daniel,

Can "borrow" the picture on debating society for a post in my blog?


长竹 said...


Daniel Yiek said...

Sorry, I have no info about Madam Ngieng Hun Hee and I'll be glad to feature any guest writer. Infact, I'm asking someone to help on the Girls Brigade story of Methodist School.

Yan and Long Bamboo,
It's nice to know that old pics can trigger such nolstalgic memory.

Now we know why they call you Long Bamboo.

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