Tuesday, June 09, 2009

History - Sarikei High School (Sekolah Tinggi) 1956-1958

More rare pictures from the 1950s are now digitised here into ones and zeroes and saved for posterity before the termites can get to them.

Two of the founders of Sekolah Tinggi

L-R: Chieng Ke Chiong
詹桂章; Ting King Moi 陳慶梅

A young Chen Ko Ming

Sarikei Sekolah Tinggi Board of Management 1956,
Top Right: Yek Suk Kang
葉菽幹 (head of Su Kwong 泗光 group),
a member of the Sekolah Tinggi founders.

Source: 1956 school magazine.
Submitted by: Ease Chen.

Sarikei Sekolah Tinggi celebrated the 1958
Wong Ngiong Hua's M.B.E. Decoration by Her Majesty, the Queen
Note the old school building
Source: 1975 school magazine
Submitted by: Ease Chen

Who was Wong Ngiong Hua 王仰華 and why was he awarded an M.B.E. (Member of the order British Empire) ? Stay tuned for a future People post.

We will take a break from Sekolah Tinggi in the next post. Will the bell boy please ring the bell?

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