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History - Sarikei High School (Sekolah Tinggi) 1971-1979

The school founders combined Su Kwong Chinese Junior Middle School and Su Lu Chinese Junior Middle School to form Hua Chiew 华侨 Middle School in 1936. The pioneer batch were Wong Koh Chiong 黄可川 (head of Su Lu 泗蘆 group; developer of Block 1 Wharf Road and owned No.1 Wharf Road), Wong Ngiong Hua 王仰華(the Foochow kapitan), Wong Yew Chiok 黃幼灼, Ting King Moi 陳慶梅, Kong Lee Chiok 江履統, Chieng Ke Chiong 詹桂章, Wong Siew Lung 王受隆 and Yek Suk Kang 葉菽幹 (head of Su Kwong 泗光 group).

黄可川 Wong Koh Chiong, 1939 picture.
One of the Sekolah Tinggi founders.

You may wonder why were there several Sarikei folks listed as co-founders of Sarikei High School. One possible explanation is that the Chinese community tend to make decisions using a consensus model and to set up a new school was an expensive exercise that required the community leaders and businessmen to cooperate.

Sarikei Sekolah Tinggi Champions 1971
Sarikei District School Sports Day at padang
Source: Ease Chen

Sarikei Sekolah Tinggi Champions 1974
Sarikei District School Sports Day at padang
Source: Ease Chen

One of the highlights of the Sarikei school calendar was the annual Sarikei District sports day at the former padang. For the benefit of the younger generation, the soccer field was at the location of Civic Centre. Look at the pictures to see the back of the Repok Road shops. The 2 sports power houses were the fierce rivals of Sekolah Tinggi and St. Anthony's School. You could market the event as the country folks versus the town kids.

Sarikei Sekolah Tinggi staff 1974
Source: Ease Chen

I will leave you to enjoy the views of this school in 1979.

Sarikei Sekolah Tinggi 1979 views.
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