Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Scenes - Sarikei Repok Road Stream?

Have you ever wondered what that drainage hole next to the Shell petrol station at Wharf Road is? It has an endless stream of water spouting from it. Where does all the water come from? Is it really just a drainage hole but how come the water is flowing non stop?

Sarikei - Drainage hole dumping water into Rejang River, 2007

One anonymous reader wrote before:

"Initially, Sungei Repok was a small canal with a few attap shophouses and later it became a settlement. Finally Sungei Repok was reconstructed and become an underground drainage and on top is our current Sarikei town main road - the Repok Road ....".

Does anyone else have information on this stream called Sungei Repok? Is there any Public Works Department reader in the house that can provide insights with a plan of our drainage system?

In the 1950s-1980s, at the current location of the 1987 Civic Centre was a padang (field) where toads and frogs frolicked and grasshoppers and skinny dragonflies danced to the tunes of nature. There was an unpaved longkang (drain) with kamat (crab) mounds around the soccer field up to the 1970s. During high tide, the Rejang River would fill the drainage system and bring in fishes and snakes. These snakes would occasionally slither into the kitchen of the shophouses facing the padang.

Sarikei Wharf Terminal 1, Rejang River, 2006

The Rejang River is probably still looking for its long lost Repok River tributary. Cry me a river.


nelson said...

Repok river mystery sounds interesting. as long as it doesnt pose a danger, ppl won't care about it. If not mistaken, there is a river flowing under sibu premier hotel too.

Daniel Yiek said...

Got this email from a 70+ years old Sarikei gentleman!

Hi Daniel,

Re: Drainage Tunnels underneath Sungei Repok

I only heard about Repok creek or Sungei Repok when I was small and the story teller had never elaborated it any further.

But I do know there was a main underground concrete drainage tunnel running along the Repok Road.There were many smaller tunnels running along the back lanes of shop houses and were connected to the main tunnel.Concrete potholes were built above the the meeting points,usually covered with cast iron plates.People used to let their fishing lines in them during the high tide to catch huge Ikan Sembilan(cat fish) and had a hearty meal of fishhead beehoon but they never cared to place back the covers.

A toddler named Lim Nai Siong(林乃熊) brother of Lim Nai Lang(林乃然) fell into one of them. Miraculously,the low tide water carried him out of the end tuunel at the Shell station after hours of waiting by a multitude. More miracle happened later.He was the very person who fought off a few robbers after suffering injury and few deep knife slashes. Little did they know that he was the MAN with TEN LIVES.

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