Friday, July 03, 2009

News - Sarikei Luxury Cruise begins

The long awaited luxury cruise started on 1st July. This blog has covered this cruise twice before so today let's think how this cruise and its publicity can benefit Sarawak. This trail blazing cruise can open doors for many if the local tourism operators can come together to offer alternatives to tourists that do not fit into the market segment of luxury cruises. In the touristy Yangtze River in China, there are different types of cruises on different types of boats to target different budgets. Think good, better and best. The pie (or rather the kom pia pastry) is big enough for everyone.

Pandaw Cruise on Rejang River
Source: Steve Ling

This tour is not difficult to do if you are already in the tourism industry. There are several alternative itineraries in each stop that you can provide. In the Sarikei leg, would you bring them to see the deer farm and pineapple plantation? For example, what about a pepper farm or oil palm plantation tour? What about a nature's trek in the tropical forest to a refreshing three-tired waterfall? If I were a foreign tourist, I would be more fascinated by the bustling Nyelong River market with native products and kom pia pastry making than a farm filled with deers originally from Australia.

Borneo Post, 29 June 2009
Central Corridor section.
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Can the hype of this cruise be sustained? Can it generate waves and ripples that the rest of the Rejang River community can benefit from? The ball is in our court ... or rather the boat is on our river.


Nelson said...

Hands on activities are the best and most memorable for tourists. let them pluck a few pepper berries and they will remember it for life!

Get them involved!

sjen`Qilin said...

does anyone know how much does it cost to go on the cruise?

i think they should also promote it to the locals since there are probably some of us who would really love to know about our own sarawak .

The Devil said...

saw the vessel berth in Kahnowit on 11th august 2009 when i was back in sarawak travelling around... :)

i heard it cost around RM8k to RM9k per person for the whole journey?

James said...

too expensive. My friends from sabah said that they willing to go on one if price around rm2000.

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