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Scenes - Sarikei Garden Town 1991

Sarikei government magazine, 1991

Sarikei has the luxury of clean air because we are situated in the green lungs of the jungles of Borneo. That does not mean that the town should not focus on the greening of the concrete jungle of the urban area. Sarikei District Council started that effort in the 1980s.

The greening of Sarikei Repok Road, 1991
St Anne's School overhead bridge
Source: 1991 government magazine

Repok Road was one of the focus areas with tree lined pathways on both sides. The picture shows the overhead bridge used by students of St Anne's School to cross safely to the Hua Tai Road residential areas.

The greening of Sarikei Jalan Hijau, 1991
Nyelong Park light industrial area (left)
Source: 1991 government magazine

This Green Road leads to Jalan Meranti and was the main road leading to Nyelong Park when it was completed in 1974. Tai Ping Road did not connect to Nyelong Park then. Meranti Road was basically an unamed muddy road leading to nipah palms (nicknamed "yellow mud road"). On the right of the picture was an open field where a traditional Indian circus performed for weeks with animals in the 1970s. Can you remember what animals were brought here?

The greening of Sarikei Jalan Bangunan Kerajaan, 1991
Sarikei Fire Station in background
Source: 1991 government magazine

Jalan Bangunan Kerajaan (Government Buildings Road) was a village road leading to country houses on stilts with pig farms. Chicken and ducks roamed freely among fruits trees. The houses were owned mainly by the Foochow families of Yii and Lim. When this road was built, this was considered as the boundary of town because anything beyond this and the Residency were country homes, Ta Kwong cinema, the cemetery and schools like Su Kwong, Min Lik and Sekolah Tinggi. If you stepped on the gas a little bit more, 7th mile Jakar town beckoned.

Do you think the greening of Sarikei downtown is successful? Will denizens of West Malaysian towns turn green with envy when they see Sarikei today?

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