Saturday, July 18, 2009

Scenes - Sarikei Garden Town 2007

Sarikei Repok Road, 2007
View from St Anthony's Church

Have you ever noticed the colourful tiles used on the pavement of the left side of Repok Road as you head away from downtown? Check out the trees that lined the road. These are due to careful town planning in the 1980s. If you have been to some other West Malaysian towns, you can say that Sarikei is relatively better off. In the old days before the concrete drains, you could catch guppies and tadpoles in the longkang (drain).

Sarikei Repok Road, 2007
View from St Anthony's School

On the right side of Repok Road heading away from town were stainless steel poles topped with a stainless steel sphere each. The town denizens were upset that these balls were stolen by scrap metal thieves.

Sarikei Repok Road, 2007
View towards Jakar's direction
View from St Anne's School overhead bridge
Find the water tank at Taman Tasik

How many of you have climbed up the St Anne's School overhead bridge as an adult? I know, I know, you have weary legs with age catching up. Uncle Daniel decided to take the stamina test and was left gasping for air and at the beautiful sight from the top. Greenery was everywhere. I used to envy those students that lived in that row of terrace house next to the school. They even went home for lunch through a hole in the bush (no fence then).

Sarikei Repok Road, 2007
View towards Jakar's direction
View from St Anne's School overhead bridge.

That bungalow with the blue roof was built on land that used to have the house that Mr. Titus and family rented in the mid 1970s. (Correct? Or was that house in the lane after this?).

Now that I had enjoyed the greenery, going down the stairs was the easy part. A kid was running up the stairs with ease and said, "Hi uncle!" That was the hard part to swallow.


Nelson said...

skei has a lot to improve still in terms of greenery and lighting. the road leading to the brand new hospital is barren and not properly lit. same goes to other new roads. if not mistaken, the businessmen of sibu complained last year that it was sarikei's fault to change to underground cables thus chasing away all the swallows to sibu to deposit their perishable gold affecting their business (coffeeshops) and hygiene.

Daniel Yiek said...

Agree with you on Rentap Road. It's all about economies of scale. As more people move there, the District Council has to get budget for that...

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