Monday, July 06, 2009

Scenes - Sarikei Police Station. Part 2

This undated picture is likely from the 1950s. This police station was built in the 1950s after 1953. Before this, the police station was by the Nyelong River (current location of Marine Police) together with the Sarikei District Office.

Is the facade influenced by the art deco style in which "buildings usually have very little ornamentation and have a very flat, machine-like look"? We need to conserve this heritage building.

You can see part of Block 4 of Wharf Road where Kwong Lee Bank started in 1937 at the corner unit (No. 22 Wharf Road). Before the police station was built, this area was full of coconut trees...and a water tank.

Sarikei Police Station, 1950s
View from Jalan Kubu Lama
Source: Preferred to remain anonymous

In the very early days, the wooden shops weren't fitted with pipes and taps. The colonial government fitted a big water tank in this area. Water was drawn from the upper Rajang River and transported by boat to the original wharf (opposite the current police station). The fresh water was pumped up to the water tank. Sarikei folks had to buy water from this source and some hired coolies to transport water to their shops on a daily basis. The coolie would use a bamboo pole with two buckets in front and two behind. (Source: reader Lidasar)

Sarikei Police Station 2006

Before this police station was built, the police post was at one of the room in the old Sarikei District Office row of wooden building at Nyelong Road. (source: reader Lidasar).

In the 1960's during the communist insurgency, anyone caught taking photos of the police station would be in hot water. It was heavily guarded (there was a guard post in front with a sub-machine gun and at least 2 soldiers). The army barrack was behind the police station. There were 3 other guard posts: one next to the Sesco power station (Jalan Kubu Lama) and one at each end of Central Road. (source: Reader Kanga). Geese were used to guard the police station as they are territorial creatures. (source: reader Lidasar)

If you have been chased by a hissing goose before, you will understand why it's good to have at least a goose on the loose.


kamek and kitak said...

hey man...i am from kuching.This is my 1st time reading your blog.nice article dude!..especially the one about rentap.Keep it real.

book 1 said...


I live in Sarikei from 1986 until grandfather is the sarjan at this police station before and died in 1986, one year after I born...I really proud to be sarikei people..I am also St Anthony ex student.

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