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History - Sarikei St Anne's Primary School.

Sarikei St Anne's School, 1975 staff

Submitted by: Desmond Chen

Back: L1 Justina Wong, L2 Mrs Lim (wife of Kwong Lee Bank's manager then), L3 Agnes Yap, L4 Ms Yong, L5 Ms Bernadette Foo (dentist), L6 Ms Tan Pui Wan

Front: L1 Mr Chan, L2 Teng Pang Yu, L3 Mother Angela Goh, L4 Sister Adriana Tiong, L5 Yii Choo Tieng

You know you are near a primary school when you can hear the squeals and laughter of the innocent kids. St. Anne's Primary School was formerly known as St Anthony's Primary School. The school was established by the late Rev. Father Ching Ting Huong in 1936. It was located in the same premises as St Anthony's Secondary School.

Rev Father C. Quadekker secured land at Repok Road in 1935 for a new block of St Anthony's School (at the current location of the school). This block of 4 classrooms was shared by the secondary (Form 1 to Form 3 only) and primary schools. The primary language of that time was English but they also had Chinese language for the primary students in the afternoon class.

Sarikei St Anne's School, 1975

Mother Angela's retirement

Ground floor: L-R Primary 1-2, staff, principal and dentist rooms

First floor: L-R Primary 4-6.

Submitted by: Desmond Chen

In 1941, St Anthony Primary School was closed for 3 years because Sarawak was invaded and ruled by the Japanese during World War II. In 1960, Form 4 was introduced by the late Rev Father Rottinghuis, which was the headmaster at that time.

Sarikei St Anne's School, 1976-late 1970s

Submitted by: Desmond Chen

Staff: L1 Teng Pang Yu, L2?, L3?, L4 Sister Adriana Tiong Mee Ting, L5 Patricia Harry, L6 ?, L7 Ms Grace Yong, L8 ?

In 1967, St Anthony's Primary School was separated from St Anthony's Secondary School at the suggestion of Rev Father Rottinghuis and relocated to a new primary school building near St Anthony's Church.

There were 2 branches of St. Anthony's primary School. There was a rural branch (1967-1975) at the Bulat junction and this urban branch. The rural branch merged with the urban branch in 1976. Before 1976 some students from the rural branch have joined the urban branch. The principal of the rural branch was the late Mr Thomas Lee Chee Chuan and the teachers were Miss Sim, Grace Yong and Miss Patricia Harry.

In 1970, the name was changed to St. Anne's Primary School. The principals:

Rev Mother Angela Goh - 1970 - 1975 (from The Little Sisters of Sarawak). Now she's staying at the house behind the present Blessed Sacrament Church at BDC, Kuching.

Rev Sister Adriana Tiong Mee Ting - 1975 - 1984 (from The Little Sisters of Sarawak). Now she's Mother Superior, residing at the upper level of the building formerly known as St Teresa Convent School, Kuching.

Mr Teng Pang Yu 1985 - 1988
Mr Henry Manggie 1989 - 1991
Mr Peter Wong Kwong Tok 1992
Mr Peter Bong Hon Chiong 1993 - 2001
Mdm Bibiana Fung Mei Ngang 2002
Mdm Mary Ranggau 2003 to present.

In the early 1970s, the school was lucky to have an inhouse dentist and a dentist room with modern equipment. The kids feared the lady dentist (name?) with a mole on her face more than the school examinations. When she went into any class to call a name, every kid would slouch their back and avoid eye contact. Ms Bernadette Foo replaced this lady dentist in the mid 1970s.

Sarikei St Anne's School, 2006

The original block has been extended twice in 1974 and 1978 to cater to the increasing number of students. In 1978, a new 3-storey building was added. In 1994, this 3-storey block was extended to add 2 classes, 2 science labs, a library and a computer room. The covered stadium was built by Sister Adriana Tiong in 1982 to replace an open air basketball court. The school assembly was held in the space between the school block and the open air court. This stadium was used in 1992 for the Sukma volleyball competition.

Sarikei St Anne's School, 2006

Sarikei St Anne's School, 2006. School Canteen

The canteen was and still is the favourite building of the school kids. Kids would bring only a few ten cent coins to school in the 1970s. When the long awaited bell rang for recess, the noise created the kids would rise to a crescendo of high pitch chatter. Somehow the kids knew how to optimise their time for eating and playing. Let the games begin.

Desmond Chen for securing background info of the school's history.


Philip said...

Hi Desmond, Thanks for your posting. Bring back fond memories!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

When I was a girl guide I met up with many good ladies in Guide Camps etc...one of them was Miss Patricia Harry who was a cheerful guider and wise leader...
I hope if I say that many of us Guides remember her fondly her family will know of it...and her friends too...Sarikei and the Mukah areas produced many good teachers like her who had very good English. Thank you Miss Harry for your songs and dances.

Daniel Yiek said...

Sister Superior Adriana Tiong was last known to be based in Kuching. She had some heart problems. If anyone know of her current status, pls comment.

Daniel Yiek said...

There will be a future post on the rural St Anthony's Branch which was a primary school that complemented St Anne's School's urban location. I'm waiting for the pictures to be scanned by a Sarikeian. Later the students of this rural branch joined St Anne's before it closed.

sarikeikia said...

This is a post on St.Anne or rather St. Anthony the primary school. Datuk Chong Siew Fai attended primary education in this school? Datuk Chong grandfather was one of the founder and also the 1st principal of Kwang Chien, I would be surprise if he wasn't from Kwang Chein. Those well known folks listed probably attended secondary level at St.Anthony, I have doubt on this piece of information. I think clearification is required here.

Daniel Yiek said...

I think you have a feedback worth re-checking and I have requested the source to re-check with St Anne's School. There may be a mix-up on the translation from St Anthony's Sec vs St Anthony's Primary

eg: Dr Yap is from Kwang Chien and later St Anthony's Sec

Daniel Yiek said...


I have temporarily removed the famous folks' names because there may be a mix-up on the translation from St Anthony's Sec vs St Anthony's Primary.

Thanks for catching this.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Daniel and Sarikeikia
This triangulation and cross checking of info and historical facts are laudable. We are all happy to note that facts can be truly established by responsible and helpful people. So on behalf of all those who are trying our best to record history in the correct perspective we really need moral support from good people. I believe"comments are free, facts are sacred and the truth will prevail.
Carry on with your good work.
Thank you.

The Devil said...

Mr Teng was my guru besar when i was there from 1986 (primary 1) to 1988 (primary 3) then i moved to miri...

studied in 1B,2B,3B...

Maxwell said...

St Anne's was first called St Anthony Branch School. I do believe that my grandfather was the principal during that period before the renaming of the school to St Anne when the Franciscan Sisters took over.

Daniel Yiek said...

Pls help get more info from your family so that I can update the post

1. Full name (English & Chinese) of your grandfather
2. Pictures
3. which years he served as principal

Pls email me at dyiek@hotmail.com

I'm working on another post on the rural branch of St Anthony's primary school.

Anonymous said...

hai, do you know where can i get the complete malay version of sk st. anne's history...is for my assignment purpose...thanx alot.

Winnie said...

WOA... I have some of this photos in my albums too. Referring to your photo#3, I think L2 looks like Mrs Hii (aunty to Joyce Lee Chai Hong). L6 could be Mrs Chen and L8=Mr Ling Ping Nguong?

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