Wednesday, August 05, 2009

News: Sarikei Haze Attack 2009

Sarikei slash and burnt method of land clearing, 2009

Pollutants in the, 2009

Sarikei to Bintagor, 2009
Hazy road, take me home.

Sarikei Nyelong River, 2009

Sarikei Haze Attack 2009
Source: Albert Chua (Pictures 1-5)

Holy smoke (yet again)! In 2006, Sarikei had the dubious honour of having the highest air pollution index (API=183) in Malaysia. Yesterday morning, Sarikei woke up to a surreal mix of mist and haze. Sarikei was not alone. Haze was reported as far as Sibu and Miri by other bloggers. The season of slash and burn method of agricultural land clearing is back and if the wind is in Sarikei's direction, denizens will continue to breathe in a dangerous cocktail of pollutants.

Sarikei Wharf Road skyline, 2009

Sarikei Wharf Road and Central Road skyline, 2009

Sarikei Wharf Road, 2009

Sarikei Repok Road, 2009

Sarikei Wharf Road, 2009

Sarikei Rejang River, 2009
Source: Desmond Chen (Pictures 6-11)

Look again. This is not mist shrouded Venice. What happened to the green lungs and blue sky of Sarikei?


Anonymous said...

During this haze weather, hope everybody is taking chinese herbal tea or drink more water.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

If the politicians keep on saying that the shifting cultivators have been causing the haze around Sarikei and Sibu than what can we all say? This is an enormous effort to create such holy smoke!!

nelson said...

here comes the annual gift from our neighbour. However, central sarawak itself has lots of hotspots, are those big companies burning more lands for the green oil? greedy men's greed demons!

Daniel Yiek said...

See hotspots map... Click above

The Devil said...

i think miri is the worst part hit by the haze problem due to open burning along coastal highway and in baram area by the natives...

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