Thursday, August 20, 2009

Scenes - Sarikei Vegetable Farm

Sarikei vegetable farm at 1st Mile, Oct 2007
Maize plants mingled with vegatables? Why?
Name of vegetables? Stir fry with eggs

Sarikei vegetable farm at 1st Mile, Oct 2007
Name of vegetable?

I was cycling at Jalan Bangunan Kerajaan (Government Buildings Road) at 1st mile Repok Road. I went past the fire station, SESCO office, the State and Federal Office complexes and the government officers' quarters. My aim was to take pictures of the lovely padi (rice) fields at the end of this road with the unique scarecrow (a set of empty cans connected by strings that the farmer rang with just a pull on a string at the end).

Sarikei vegetable farm at 1st Mile, Oct 2007
Yam plant

Sarikei vegetable farm at 1st Mile, Oct 2007
Pandan flavoured leaves

The rice fields were gone. In its place, there was this unmanned vegetables farm. I decided to take a stroll before the dogs (if any) sensed an intruder on the prowl. It's a simple and yet interesting sight for an urban person like me that has stayed in the concrete jungle for too long. Now you know where to bring your visitors - take a walk with the green fingers.

Sarikei vegetable farm at 1st Mile, Oct 2007

Sarikei vegetable farm at 1st Mile, Oct 2007

Sarikei vegetable farm at 1st Mile, Oct 2007
Name of vegetables?

There were neat rows of vegetables at different stages of growth - probably to provide a constant stream of revenue with constant renewal. These vegetables will likely end up at the Bank Road or Nyelong River market.

Sarikei vegetable farm at 1st Mile, Oct 2007
Dragon fruit plant

Sarikei vegetable farm at 1st Mile, Oct 2007
Serene pond with wild kangkong (morning glory)

Life is like a farm of vegetables, you know what you are going to get. Do you really know what you are going to get?


nelson said...

I like cangkuk manis. sarikei still lacks large-scale vege plantations eventhough she has the nickname of "the food basket of sarawak".

Philip said...

The vegetable in the first picture I believe is a type of vegi we, Foochow, like to cook soup with. Yummi. The secong picture look like a lady finger to me. Thanks for sharing. I happen to be an agriculturist and loves to see all those greenery. Agriculture is in my blood. Anyone want to start large scale farming in Sarikei? Drop me a note!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Do you have someone who can take photos of Bo Leh Kiirn? (glass river). Lots of Foochows used to live there and tap rubber and grow they have all gone (moved away or passed away).

That should be a lovely place for old old stories with human touch.

Just thinking aloud.

Daniel Yiek said...

Nelson is right - thr first picture is the sweet cangkuk manis (apparently no English name but has a botanical name)if you google for "cangkuk manis".

If you are referring to Nyelong River (Bo Leh), there were some previous posts on this...but not from the agricultural angle.

Interestingly, "Bo Leh" may be a later generation's translation of "glass". The older folks believe that "bo leh" is a local (bad) English pronounciation of "police" because the first police station was along Nyelong River at the current Marine building location. The village across Nyelong River was called "Bo Len".

Sarawakiana@2 said...

The last photo: Can you ask the photographer if the green "spots" later grow to become "pui dea" a component of organic pig feed?
In the past pork tasted better because pigs were fed organic food. Today I guess most of these non halal animals are fed with chemical feed and so the flesh is rather pale and tasteless.

Daniel Yiek said...

I was the photograhper. :)

I dont think those floating "green spots" are used for pig's feed because the quantity will not be enough. In Sarikei, the pigs usually feed on a bigger type of floating plants (the type with nice big petals).

Interestingly, that type of floating plants are now used in many tropical resorts decor. :)

Laman said...

Too bad the farm is gone too, making way for the construction of the new court house...
1st pic -
2nd pic - tapioca plant.

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