Friday, September 18, 2009

People - Sarikei Sports Giant, Wong Tee Kue

When a baby boy was born in Sungei Pasir, Sarikei, on 10-10-1964 (note: double perfect 10), little did his parents (Mr. Wong Hock Ling and Mdm Lee Ai Hiong) know that their kid would grow up into the most decorated sportsman in Sarikei's history. If you were from his time at St Anthony's School (1977-1982), you would remember this hulk of a teenager with clothes that were going to burst a button or two and brown school pants that could hardly contain his legs of tree trunk size. His athletic picture donned the main glass door of the new wing of the Sarawak Museum in Kuching for a period in the 1990s.

Can you beat this? He held the Malaysian record for hammer throw for 12 years and broke 2 SEA records. The humble giant achieved 8 medals (including 5 gold) at the SEA Games in hammer throw. Read his participation in other events like the Commonwealth Games in the bio below.

Besides throwing things around, he ended up solving high profile crimes as an Inspector Police Officer. His bio:

Police Constable 1986 -1989
Lens Corporal 1989 – 1991
Trainer Inspector 1991 – 2002

Inspector Police Officer 2002 – 2005

Inspector Police Officer

Sarikei Wong Tee Kue bio
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All submitted by Albert Chua

"Everybody wants the ultimate honour, everyone wants gold and not silver. I have not seen the athletes from other countries, but it does not matter. You may have cleared a better distance but all that matters is how you perform during the competition day itself," said Tee Kue, the defending Sea Games hammer throwing champion in 2003 in a Straits Times article

We salute you! Hammer time!


Nelson said...

Great spartan from sarikei.

Btw, Happy Eid al-Fitr

William said...

From Sg Pasir! My same kampong boy and could be my neighbour also! Anyway, I am not into sport and do forgive my ignorance. But I am very proud of him!

simy said...

In St Anthony's time, he played table tennis with me (with strange way of holding the bat) before. He has a lot strength, most probably the strongest at that time, I think his grip can crush anything. But I can't believe I beat him in shot put competition. I was honour to see him gettig the gold medal when SEA game was held in Singapore, and he was still able to remember me. To me he is a quiet, humble, nice person and most probably the most sucessful sarikei (if not Sarawak)sportman to date.

Anonymous said...

Salute to Inspector Wong!


sarikeikia said...

Just to add Inspector Wong is left handed so if he really train up his table tennis I would bet Sim is not his match and that could be the reason why his opponent felt he is holding his bat strangely .....LOL

Inspector Wong was once a relieve teacher before his police attachment, faith has it that he isn't Cikgu Wong. Sorry I cannot leak further otherwise I would be under police investigation. ...LOL

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