Friday, September 11, 2009

Scenes - Sarikei District Council and Library 1970s

Can you recognise this picture? The two-storey building in the middle was the Sarikei District Council before it was replaced with the current version at the same location at Nyelong Road (formerly Jalan Kubu). Find the row of shrubs that formed a green barrier in front of the old council fronting the road.

The District Council was founded in 1955. It was stationed at the ground floor of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce (Market Road) before it was moved to the present location (Nyelong Road) in the mid 1960s. The Nyelong Road building was rebuilt and the renovation was completed in 1995.

We can deduce that this undated picture was from 1972 onwards because the old one-storey library was opened in 1972 behind that massive Rex cinema (now Dua Puluh Sen store). This picture was not more than 1976 because the buses behind the library moved to the current Bank Road location in mid 1970s.

Sarikei District Council 1972-1976
The big road was Jalan Kubu (now Nyelong Road)

Find the sepak takraw court (in front of the library) with a car parked there. It was popular amongst the Malays. Next to it was the first public playground with four swings, one slide, two see-saws and one mini "merry-go-around".

Move your eyeballs to the popular padang which was lined with red bean trees (name?). People's hearts were broken when it was announced that the padang had to make way for the Civic Centre. The foundation of the Civic Centre was symbolically laid by Dr Mahathir on 14th April 1987 and construction was completed in 1988.

The building behind the District Council was the Child and Welfare Clinic (completed 1965. Source: Historical Events in Sarawak 1966, Vol 2 by Ho Ah Chon) for kids and mothers. It gave free vaccinations that left permanent scars on the deltoids. Free non-instant milk powder was given out in packets in the early 1970s. It was the first time ever that many denizens had the opportunity to savour milk powder. The poor quality milk created lumpy mediocre beverages. Didn't mum tell you that "breast is best"?

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