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Scenes - Sarikei Chinese Chamber of Commerce 1940s-1950s

In the 1950's, the Chinese Chamber of Commerce under the leadership of Chen Ko Ming made use of a piece of land beside their building to build a basketball court in 1956. The original court was open air without roofing and the seats were only built on one side (the side with the back facing the padang). In the early 1960s, Mr. Leong Ming Teck 梁 明 德 started a donation drive to construct a stadium with roofing. With the support of the public, the stadium was constructed next to the Chamber of Commerce in 1962-1963 in time for the inaugural Kwang Lee Bank Inter-District cup.

Sarikei Chinese Chamber of Commerce, 1940s-1950s
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Can anyone narrow down the year?
No basketball stadium yet

In this undated rare picture, that looks like an open air basketball court next to the 1940 Chamber of Commerce. The store of No. 1 Wharf Road (Thong Aik 益) next to the Chamber of Commerce can be seen in the background.

Basketball was the hottest sports then. Do you want to play ball?


nelson said...

sarikei, the small and compact town has its citizens filling up the past times with sports activities like badminton, basketball and jogging. however, internet surfing, facebooking and left4dead are going to replace them soon. parents and the people themselves need to ensure the balance.

sarikeikia said...

Basketball was the most popular sports those days and the popularity of the games reaches its heights in the 1960s. The Basketball Association of Sarikei under the stewardship of Mr Leong Ming Teck and his committees hired a coach Mr Chua Boon Tiong for the Sarikei team in preparation for the inauguration of Kwang Lee Bank Inter-District Cup to be played in Sarikei.

Mr Chua Boon Tiong was from the Philippines and he was an ex-player for the renowned Nanyang San Pou team in Singapore, if any one could recall he has a collapsed flat nose. The son of shop 金成安 Kim Seng Ang at No 3 Wharf Rd another Mr Chua came under the coach guidance as his runner and assistant, I heard Sarikei's most famous basketball and volleyball player of the 1980s was born to the Chua's family immediately after that few exciting years.

Those days Sarikei was consider one of the best team in the whole of Sarawak and Kuching team was the other team. During that time one of the player from the Kuching team Mr Chan Chua Hui was posted to Sarikei High as a teacher and he was recruited to play for for the Sarikei team. The men's team lost to the Kuching team in the 1st Kwang Lee Bank Cup but the Women's team was the champion.

Daniel Yiek said...

For the benefits of new readers:

Chua Kim Hin 蔡金兴 from the shop Kim Seng Ang produced a son ( Albert Chua Kwang Chung 蔡冠壮 aka Ah Chuang) that became one of the top sportsman of Sarikei in the late 1970s-1980s. Ah Chuang represented Malaysia in volleyball and was also a trained volleyball coach.

Search for "volleyball" to read about our volleyball star.

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