Thursday, October 01, 2009

Scenes - Sarikei Wharf Road 1950-1953

To reward you for coming back after my long hiatus, below is a rare undated picture of Wharf Road. How do we deduce the year of this picture?

Block 1 (No.1 - No.5) of Wharf Road was completed in 1935 by Foochow developer, Wong Koh Chiong (黄可川) who went by the trade name Thong Aik 益. He also owned No.1 Wharf Road. He headed Su Lu 泗蘆 School and was a founding member of Hua Chiew 华侨 Middle School (which became Sarikei High School and Sekolah Tinggi in 1971).

Sarikei Wharf Road, 1950-1953
Source: Preferred to be anonymous

The Chinese characters above No. 1 and No. 2 read 通益 Thong Aik and 福益 Hock Aik respectively. 福益 Hock Aik was opened around 1950 by Ting Ka Ping 陳家平. It was grocery shop cum local produce (pepper and rubber) exporter.

Before 福益 Hock Aik, the shop's name at No. 2 had 3 characters (Kim Aik Hin 益興) and was owned by a lady from Kinmen county 金門 in Fujian, China

The Shell petrol station (built in 1953-1954) opposite No.1 Wharf Road was not in the picture yet. So we can conclude the picture was from 1950-1953.

Find the removable wooden main doors tied to the pillars at the front of each shop. Find the original windows of the shops. Spot the concrete walls on the Repok Road side of No.1 Wharf Road - they were not open walls like the kopitiam of today.

Who owned that only car in Wharf Road?


Superman said...

You really into the history of Sarikei. Hehe. Where you get all the info?

Daniel Yiek said...

There are 2 main types of market research used.

a) secondary research - a collation and/or synthesis of existing research. eg: Books (colonial, history, tourism, etc), government archives and websites, school and church magazines, news clips, blogs

b) primary research - collection of data that does not already exist. eg: talking to senior Sarikeians, comments left by readers, talking to friends and their friends, asking readers to ask their family, correction of blog posts by readers, submission of photos from personal family albums and old photo studios, meeting readers and their family, etc.

Luckily there are some active readers that contributed content. Otherwise, this blog would have closed shop much earlier. I have enough content to last till end of the year or till CNY. Then we'll close the last chapter...probably with a rare picture.

Anonymous said...

pround live at sarikei ,never think that sarikei also hav the old building before WW2..this is sarikei history ..really thanks to sarikei blogger ,post the info about sarikei ..anyways..when leave sarikei but i still think it ..sarikei is hometown

sarikeikia said...

Wong Koh Chiong (黄可川) was the early Foochow Kapitan before Wong Yong Hua, much had been written about Thong Aik 通益 so let me recount a little on 福益 Hock Aik the 2nd shop operated by Mr Ting Ka Ping 陳家平.

Mr Ting received his education in Singapore and he was one of the very few Towkay who can understand English at that time. Mr Ting was also active in starting rubber plantation in Sarikei. When 福益 Hock Aik went into difficult time Mr Ting lead a group of Foochow from Sarikei to Limbang to start planting rubber trees. The government under the British encouraged new migrants to start rubber plantation in Limbang at that time, Mr Ting took up the challenge. How could a Towkay get use to life in a farm? He eventually took over and run a cinema in Limbang instead.

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