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People - Sarikei singer: Stella Chung Siaw Yih 钟晓玉

Sarikei Stella Chung, 2007

In June 2007, I received an email with pictures of a Sarikei lady called Stella Chung Siaw Yih 钟晓玉 and it claimed that she's a star in the making. She entered acting in 2006, four years after her brother, Nick Chung, release his first album. She acted in Chinese TV dramas like The Beginning (2008), Where The Heart Is (2011, The Thin Line (2011) and Adjuster 2 (2012).

I archived that email because in the entertainment world, fame is short lived unless your record company markets your talent well and your fans support you. Two and half years later, she can be found on google, youtube, flickr, imeem, multiply, friendster, facebook and other digital media.

Sarikei Stella Chung and brother Nick Chung, 2007
Nick is also a singer

In the early 1980s, Sarikei's first national star singer was Janet Lee Chai Fong 李采霞. She became a Malaysian idol with her own cassette releases and posters. Janet was from St Anthony's School and her dad operated a tidbit shop (called Chai Mee which shared half of the shop with Shanghai bookstore) at 45 Repok Road, next to the former Rex cinema. Janet is based in Sarikei after marrying the son of the shop owner of 新星 Sing Sing (next to the burnt down Cathay cinema).

Sarikei Stella Chung, 2007

Stella was born on 9th July 1981. She was educated in Kwang Chien and St Anthony's School. Her hobbies were listed as painting and playing volleyball. Her brother, Nick Chung, is also a singer. He was born in Sibu and also studied at St Anthony's School.

Sarikei Stella Chung, 2007

Stella's initial releases had a saccharine child like voice to match her sweet face. Her more recent releases revealed a more mature make-up style and a deeper voice (see video below) that may appeal to a broader audience. She also starred in TV commercials for Malaysian tourism and TV dramas. Her complete profile is at her record company's website

Sarikei Stella Chung's facebook picture, 2009

She is currently based in KL and has her facebook page and blog

Watch her promote tourism in the "Malaysia, Truly Asia" campaign.

Enjoy one of her songs

And finally her song titled "Sarikei"


Anonymous said...

Stella also released a song, entitled " Sarikei" in her latest album!

Daniel Yiek said...

Updated the post with a link to her complete profile. Impressive. said...


- 钟晓玉 Stella Chung
- 马嘉轩 Athena Beh
- 可晴 KeQing
- 钟盛忠 Nick Chung
- 伍家辉 Wu Jia Hui
- 绝对superstar Wee 陈汉伟

日期: 11。27。2011 (星期天)
地点:Setia Alam - 槟华1校
时间: 7pm - 10pm
入门票 :RM35

预知详情可联络我。 谢谢! ^^

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