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People - Sarikei Foochow Kapitan - Wong Ngiong Hua

Sarikei 1961
Seated L4-L5: Mrs and Mr Wong Ngiong Hua, L7 Mrs Chen Ko Ming

Standing L7: Mr Chen Ko Ming

Source: Ease Chen

What did Wong Ngiong Hua 王仰華 (the Foochow kapitan) have in common with Su Lee 泗利School, Su Ta 泗達 School (where is this?) and Sarikei High School (Sekolah Tinggi)? He was listed as one of their founders. The education sector is his pet project amongst his illustrious resume.

He was born in 1904 in Minqing County 闽清县, Fuzhou Prefecture level city 福州市, Fujian province 福建. Updated: He passed away in 1986. He ran a photography shop before becoming a sundry shop operator and local produce exporter (Hua Leong 華隆) at No. 7 Repok Road.

Sarikei Womg Ngiong Hua, Year ?
Rubber tree planting

Submitted by: Ease Chen

Level 2 of No.7 Repok Road was a place for banking as he was the earliest Hock Hua Bank agent. His old house was on the land where Hua Tai residential area was developed on. He had a trademark way of wearing his pants high up above belly button. He was one of the earliest to own a car in old Sarikei.

He married 張從英 in 1926 and had 6 boys and 5 girls. In 1957, his wife won the model mother award from the Sarikei Woman's Association. Wong Ngiong Hua had 2 surviving sons, the 5th and 6th. The 5th is in Sarikei and 6th in Kuching. The 2nd son passed away on 7 May 2009. The daughters are in Australia (x2), NZ, England and Norway.

Sarikei Womg Ngiong Hua, Year ?
Source: Sarikei High School (Sekolah Tinggi) magazine 1975

Submitted by: Ease Chen

Mr. Wong was an active community leader (Overseas Chinese, Chinese Chamber of Commerce, District Council, Charity Society, ...). He has worked in various schools (Sarikei: Su Lee 泗利School, Su Ta 泗達 School, Sarikei High School (Sekolah Tinggi), Methodist School), (Sibu: Scared Heart, Methodist, ...) and Kuching (St Thomas School).

Sarikei Womg Ngiong Hua, 1958
Source: Sarikei High School (Sekolah Tinggi) magazine 1975

Submitted by: Ease Chen

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In 1956, Sekolah Tinggi became a government aided school under the new Grant-in-Aid code and this solved part of the financial problems for the development of the school. In 1958, the chairman of the Board of School Management, Wong Ngiong Hua, was awarded MBE (Member of the order British Empire) and to celebrate this, a fund raising campaign raised $40K and Mr Wong donated another $3K. The Education Department topped up the amount to $65K total to build a new 2-storey concrete block of 10 classrooms.

Sarikei Womg Ngiong Hua
Source: Who's Who in Malaysia, 1971

Submitted by: Ease Chen

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Salute to one of the prominent Sarikei pioneers!


Nelson said...


sarikeikia said...

Wong Ngiong Hua 王仰華 trade name was Hua Hin 華興 Started before the war and only later Hua Leong 華隆 was started when he included his workers as partners. After his retirement his eldest son restarted Hua Hin 華興, the son who drove the car No 6D1 & the wife was a nurse but he died early. The other son whom was a teacher took over Hua Leong 華隆. So in the 70s No. 7 Repok Road was divided into two, Hua Hin華興 and Hua Leong 華隆 sharing.


Wong Ngiong Hua's eldest grand daughter is the Finacial Manager of Curtin Uni (Miri Campus; her name is Sara Wong Ching Tai if you like to get hold of her for his grandpa's details. Another person who can remember Wong Ngiong Hua's details is my dad as they were closest frds before he died. Siwen

Daniel Yiek said...

Apologies for late posts as I was travelling in Vietnam.

Rec'd an email from a reader that stated that

a) Wong Ngiong Hua passed away in 1986.

b) It was not the eldeest son who started Hua Hin but maybe the third son.

Nelson, Sarikeikia and Siwen: Thanks for the comments.

Bengbeng said...

u must save your archives just in case something goes wrong n you lose all the data. yr blog is a valuable archive for Sarikei n its surrounding areas

Daniel Yiek said...

Rec'd this email from another reader:

His eldest son, Wong Siew Mee 王受美, worked for him for a while before he left for Australia in 1956 and the business was taken over by his third son, Wong Siew Kiong 王受健.


Thanks Beng Beng for dropping by

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